National Offend a Feminist Week morphs into Rule 5 post

Frankly, this sounds like something that Robert Stacy McCain would make up just to jerk chains.  But I still support it!  I love opposing feminists, and pi$$ing them off.  


I am old enough to remember life before feminism become popular.   I was not alive in 1952, but I strongly suspect that the above ad was a joke.  I know my grandfather would never consider spanking my grandmother.  She cooked, cleaned, and ruled the roost, while he worked all day.  I can almost hear them both chuckling as they read the add.  He’d be thinking, “not a chance,”  and she’d be thinking “just try it.”  Back then people had a sense of humour.  You could tell Polak jokes and drunk Irish jokes and Wop jokes and jokes about women without having your career jeopardized.  

Hmmmm.  Could I somehow turn this into a Rule 5 post to get some PG-13 rated photos to pi$$ of the feminists?  I can try… 

vacuum, and look hot while doing it


Wash his car. Don't make him tell you to do it!

Cook, damn it, and look hot while doing it. It better be good!

Keep your butt small. Men are SUPPOSED to get fat. Not women!

Bring him his beer BEFORE he needs another

Sometimes he will spank you...just for the hell of it. Enjoy.

AFTER you have the house cleaned, him fed, and beered up, then...

Did I mention WASH his car?

Long, skinny legs help keep him interested...

Cook him breakfast the next morning, and do it all again. Voila!

by John Doe

3 responses to “National Offend a Feminist Week morphs into Rule 5 post

  1. “Jimmy Morris, I’m a Texas woman, which means I don’t need a man to keep things running…”

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