Army’s Caleb Campbell a Lion

Caleb Campbell played football for Army and was drafted in the 7th round by Detroit in the 2008 draft.  But Army insisted that he could not get out of his military obligations and refused to allow him to play football.  The military is apparently considering working with him and the Lions in order that he can try out for the team this year.  Apparently, the military is weighing different options, such as allowing him to join the Michigan National Guard, post-pone his service until after his football career but serve longer, and/or repaying the country for his free education. 

Admittedly, I’m biased, being a Lions fan, but I think the military should let him play.  It is good publicity.  It would encourage other football prospects to consider West Point.  I hate it that Army and Navy and Air Force are not power houses as they were back in the mid 40s.  It’s not like the government can’t afford to work with them.  Imagine Caleb during the off-season calling some kid to recruit him  to play football, or to simply join the Army.  Now that would make an impact on most young men. 

What do all y’all think?

By John Doe

4 responses to “Army’s Caleb Campbell a Lion

  1. Cheap shots about Army aside, I’m against watering down the service academy obligation any more than it already is.
    And I’d offer some Lions cheap shots, too, but I’m a Seahawks fan. 😉

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Gotta agree with Smitty on this.

    The service academies are a special privilege which takes movement of heaven and earth to get.

    If David Robinson and Roger Staubach did their time, why shouldn’t Caleb?


    ps. I wouldn’t take pride in being a Seahawks fan Smitty – not much better than being a Lions fan (or a Rams fan – as LTB is since childhood).

  3. Lipton T. Bagg


    Did you know the three best years of a Naval officer’s life is second grade?

    Just saying….


  4. Seahawks made some great draft picks. But I’m still not sold on their college rah rah coach.

    Rams absolutely screwed the pooch taking an injury prone QB instead of Suh.

    Lions are trending upwards. I don’t see that with the Seahawks or the Lambs.

    Lions fan forever–can’t help it, I think Mr. Ford puts something in the drinking water up in Michigan that infests all Michiganders like a bad tapeworm.

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