Robin of Berkeley rocks!

I love Robin of Berkeley. Love her style. Love how she escaped out of liberalism.  Love the light she shines on the cancer that is liberalism.  I’ll bet the liberals hate her. 

Her latest wonderful article at American Thinker illustrates what I  have long maintained:  Liberals are idiots.  She says so of herself.

….”Consequently, I was deeply disturbed when the Soviets failed and the former Republics embraced the big and bad capitalism. Luckily, I could still wax rhapsodic about Cuba and dream of someday visiting that utopia. Since I’m playing True Confessions here: I even drove my car out of my way to fill up with Citgo, the gasoline from Venezuela.”

“What can I say? I was an idiot.”

Bingo.  We have a winner. I do not believe that most liberals are “bad people.” (Obama is another story–I truly believe that he is evil. As is Waxman, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and many other liberal pols.)  They just are incredibly unlearned.  Or, more precisely, they have been taught lies all their lives. Commies raised “red diaper babies” who turned into hippies.  Hippies brought up their children to be brain-washed morons. Liberal elites brought their children up to be girly men.  

This country is infested with idiots who believe that they are doing the right thing, when all too often they are doing the exact wrong thing.  They want to help the poor, and don’t realize that the minimum wage and welfare are counter-productive to helping the poor in the long run. They reflexively side with the illegal immigrants because they are for the poor and downtrodden, not realizing that making it easy for illegals to exist in the U.S. makes it easier for others to abuse them and keep them down.

The poor black man stole because he was kept down by “The Man.”  Communists killed millions (if they even acknowledge or are aware of this fact) because they meant well. People are just too fucking stupid to know that (fill in the blank: smoking, booze, fat, your momma) is harmful to their health.  The U.A.W. did not ruin G.M. and Chrysler, evil management did.  Pick virtually any issue and liberals are on the wrong side of it, because they are freaking idiots.

If you do not know history, the true facts of what really happened, you will fall for anything.  It’s no different from being lost. If you don’t know where you are, and don’t know how to read a map, or worse yet, refuse to even try, you are unlikely to find the best way to get to where you are going.  You might have the best of intentions, and a lot of money for gasoline, but you also could drive in circles for hours.  All we can do is point them in the right direction. Most have been programmed to refuse our help, but some, such as Robin of Berkeley, will actually get it.  So keep on preaching the truth.

John Doe


3 responses to “Robin of Berkeley rocks!

  1. Robin mentioned Chris Dodd in her article. Do you reckon old Thomas Dodd is rolling over in his grave right now because his son’s such an idiot?

  2. i know some liberals, and they are simpletons. they vote liberal but don’t know who acorn is or chris dodd, or ect.
    i am here in a blue state, it’s really hard for me because i come from a red state.
    i don’t engage with them politically because of their ineptness about politics. of course, they are all are part of unions.

    be at the polls in november and vote out the democrats that have voted lock step with the evil darth obama invader.

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