Charlie Crist – “A CockUs Of One”

h/t Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey:

Charlie Crist, the newly self-made Independent – on Meet The (De)Press(ed) tells David Gregory he could as easily vote for a Democrat as a Republican for Senate Majority Leader – if given the opportunity.

From the interview:

GREGORY: “Would you vote for a Republican or a Democratic Majority Leader?”

CRIST: “I might not vote for either one. I’m going to vote for who I think would be best for the people of Florida. And if that happens to be a Democrat, so be it. If it happens to be a Republican, so be it. But I’ve got to look out for the people of my state.”

Ed’s perspective:

Many have questioned Crist’s sense in abandoning his party for a one-shot run at the US Senate, and this will only deepen the conviction that Crist has completely taken leave of his senses. Does he really believe that in 2010 the electorate wants to endorse current Democratic leadership in Congress? How many independents does he think he’ll win by assuring them that he’ll vote to maintain the status quo if he goes to Washington?

Crist has become a Party of One, trying to join a Caucus of One. That’s likely to be a great description of the rest of his political career.

LTB’s perspective:  Crist is holding a Party of One; and IS a Cockus of One. But more so than ever, Crist appears to be a real piece of “number two”.

And IMHO, he’s also toast.

2 responses to “Charlie Crist – “A CockUs Of One”

  1. what a rino. spooky looking too.

    what has happened to the men in this country. i guess to many liberal women raising boys without dads=girly men.

  2. Welcome, southernsue

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