Young Fred Thompson

He invented the phrase “What would Reagan do?”

He thought like Reagan, shot like Cheney, and talked like Rush.

[Pretty sure he was prophesied in the Old Testament and the Koran.]

One response to “Young Fred Thompson

  1. Now my Momma never used to spank me…but she used to chase me around the house with the broom, when I really, really, got her “goat”…!

    Dammit I knew… I was being disciplined; even though she never, ever, really laid a hard, striking blow with that wispy broom…on purpose…

    My Mom… was the greatest parent… in the whole, wide world …that I ever knew…

    She taught me phonics…so I could read and spell, better than any “fifth grader”…when I was in the “first grade”…

    “One time she hit me with the stick…!”

    My Mom was a very special person and teacher…

    I miss her thoughts and admonitions…to this very day…!

    I think she’d hug Fred…?

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