The Democrats lost the war in Vietnam

Thirty-five years after the fall of Vietnam, some are too young to remember.  Some are too old.  Some have fallen victim to the inevitable re-writing of history that the left has done with all things in general, and especially when it comes to white-washing the disastrous consequences of their failed policies.

Make no mistake about it, and never forget it: The Democrats pulled the plug on our allies, stopped supplying them with material, and allowed them to be overrun by the communist supported North Vietnam.  Here is a great summary from somebody who obviously has not forgotten what happened: Washington Times Editorial.

One response to “The Democrats lost the war in Vietnam

  1. If left to their own druthers, they will cause us to lose in Afghanistan (assist to GWB) as well. I feel Iraq is far enough along it MIGHT be able to run its own ship if Iran MYOBs.

    Then the Dems can focus on the next country they want to ruin – the United States.


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