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AZ. Deputy Shot By Illegal Alien Carrying AK-47

And you Liberal farkkwads wonder why Gov. Brewer and the honorable people in Arizona passed AB1070?  Fortunately, subsequent reports state the deputy is doing well and will survive. Our thoughts and prayers with the deputy and his family.

Again, I will be plain – AB1070 and laws like it are not racially based – they come in need of the protection of the people from criminals. And yes, illegal immigrants are criminal.  That’s why we call them ILLEGAL!  Those of you making this law a racial issue are either ignorant or liars!

This copy via Fox News, but also reported at The American Pundit, Riehl World News and I other I’m sure.

A Pinal County sheriff’s deputy shot by a suspected illegal immigrant Friday was airlifted to hospital while authorities tried to apprehend a number of suspects who had also started shooting at a police helicopter, according to local media reports.

At about 4:30 p.m., the deputy radioed in to report that he was shot in the abdomen with an AK-47 assault rifle during a traffic stop after pulling over a vehicle containing a group of suspected illegal immigrants on the Interstate 8 west of Casa Grande, Arizona.

The deputy was investigating a shipment of marijuana in the desert and was confronted by five suspects, Lt. Tami Villar told 12 News.

Socialism Commercial

“It may already be too late”

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[by John Doe, Eastern Corespondent, Smash Mouth Politics]

Young Fred Thompson

He invented the phrase “What would Reagan do?”

He thought like Reagan, shot like Cheney, and talked like Rush.

[Pretty sure he was prophesied in the Old Testament and the Koran.]

Federal Judge Denies Blago’s Subpoena of Obama

But then again, they denied access to Nixon too – until things started to fall into place.  Stay tuned…

A federal judge in Chicago has refused to issue a subpoena for President Barack Obama to testify at former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s political corruption trial.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel ruled Friday that lawyers for Blagojevich had not produced sufficient evidence that Obama would have anything material to say on the witness stand.

Defense attorneys had claimed that the president could shed light on charges that Blagojevich schemed to sell or trade Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat.

Blagojevich has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The trial is set to start June 3.


NY Liberal Wonk Wants MLB To Move All Star Game From AZ.

Christ, you knew this was coming.  An idiot Dem from NY wants MLB to relocate the 2011 All Star game – slated in Phoenix – to another city because of passage of AB1070.

WTF?  Are you kidding me?

Of course it’s worth of note than Rep. Serrano has never stated he read the law (kinda like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Mr. Obama and a plethora of other knee-jerk knockleheads who spoke befor engaging their brains.  But I still like Rubio…).  But once again, a Liberal doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good hit piece!

Here’s the article about this JackHole via Always Been Communist (ABC) Newscenter.

Arizona’s passage of a controversial anti-immigration law could cost the state Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, potentially depriving an already battered economy of millions of dollars.

A New York congressman who called for the league to move the 2011 game from Phoenix is the latest person to push for an economic boycott against the state in protest of the new law. Companies have been pulling conferences out of Arizona resorts while others have suggested consumers shun companies, such as US Airways, that are based in the state and have yet to condemn the the law.

“I think that when people, states, localities make decisions this monumental, they should know the full consequence of that decision,” Rep. José E. Serrano, D-N.Y., said. “I think Major League Baseball, with 40 percent Latino ballplayers at all levels, should make a statement that it will not hold its All-Star Game in a state that discriminates against 40 percent of their people.”

The 40 percent figure could not be independently confirmed and a spokesman for Major League Baseball said the league had no comment at this time.

Louisiana oil spill PROVES we should not “drill baby drill”

Just as the shuttle disaster proves we should not be flying into outer space.  Just as the Valdez oil spill proves that we should not be hauling oil in tankers (at least not with drunken captains at the helm).  Just as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl prove that we should not use nuclear reactors for energy.  Just as 9/11 proved that we should not build sky scrapers that are too high (or buildings that have 5 sides and are called “The Pentagon).   Just as every plane crash proves that “if God had meant man to fly, he would have given him wings.”  Just as Hurricane Katrina proved that people should not live near the Gulf Coast.  Just as the Los Angeles quake proves that we should not build roads and bridges and buildings in California.  Just as O.J. Simpson proves that we should ban knives.  Just as Barney Frank proves that queer legislators should not be elected. (Whoops, sorry for that gratuitous slam at logical, reasonable homosexuals everywhere.) 

The left is using the great oil slick of 2010 in order t0 vilify those of us reasonable persons everywhere who support offshore drilling.   I am sorry that the oil slick is there.  I want  heads to roll and corporations responsible to pay out the nose, and greater safety precautions to be taken, and the Obama Administration to get off their collective asses and start cleaning this up. 

But the fact that there was a huge catastrophe is not a good reason to stop drilling.  The fact that so many millions of gallons of oil are spilling tells me one thing:  There’s a whole lot of oil down there for the taking, which will save us gazillions of dollars that we don’t need to send to rag-heads to pump our oil for us.

The Democrats lost the war in Vietnam

Thirty-five years after the fall of Vietnam, some are too young to remember.  Some are too old.  Some have fallen victim to the inevitable re-writing of history that the left has done with all things in general, and especially when it comes to white-washing the disastrous consequences of their failed policies.

Make no mistake about it, and never forget it: The Democrats pulled the plug on our allies, stopped supplying them with material, and allowed them to be overrun by the communist supported North Vietnam.  Here is a great summary from somebody who obviously has not forgotten what happened: Washington Times Editorial.