Sophie Howard gives the Rule 5 treatment

a little something to get steamed up about on hump day.  Rule 5, gents, stand at attention!  Isn’t it Stacy who doesn’t like his women enhanced?  I’m not sure, but I’m guessing Sophie has  had a little help over the years.  But something is working…

Sophie. In the den. On a rug. By a fire.

Who dunt want MOAR Sophie!!?

Yum yum!

something for the freaks out there...

Now, some of you who are so in inclined can go see what she looks like on the beach. With no top. [NSFW ALERT] Spreading lotion on her important assets.  While sunning with Lucy Pinder.  And while spreading lotion on  the back of Lucy Pinder. But this is a P.G. rated blog.   Just a little added benefit for my readers.  The things I do for youse guys!


3 responses to “Sophie Howard gives the Rule 5 treatment

  1. WHY IS MY HAND STICKY ?! ?!?!? ? !!!!

  2. Days and dollars late; but here goes…
    As the good conservatives, constitution, carrier’s and quoter’s most respondents on this site are…

    My thought would be… you all, might get right behind or actually in front of [leading] the fine folks over at the Go Topless Organization…!

    According to, the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law for women to go top-free in public wherever men are allowed to, which is almost everywhere in the 50 states…

    And…I cant’ believe yah all missed this…?

    I thought April fools day only happens on April 1? But lo! It appears this week,[actually last week] there’s a buzz that thousands of scantily clad women will march forth to Washington DC, spearheaded by Jen McCreight – a D- cup Purdue University student, self-proclaimed feminist, pervert, atheist and a blogger in blaghag — On April 26, 2010, to protest against this Iranian cleric’s statement, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi:

    However; here’s the heads up,/B> I don’t want you to miss…!

    Admiral Theatre to hold Sarah Palin lookalike contest…,40524/

    Wash yer hands, Frank…!

  3. I’m all for women going topless in the right circumstances…

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