Boycott San Francisco!

The City of San Francisco has banned official city travel to Arizona.  Because 

Official Iced Tea of Smash Mouth East

the Arizonians have passed a law to allow the police to arrest illegal aliens. [GASP!] 

So, until those bastards in San Fran change their official policy, it shall henceforth and forever be that I will boycott San Francisco.  Hey, Berkeley is almost as good, anyway.  You get the great food and the weirdos, just less guys with rainbow hair and chaps over the top of nothing else. 

Happily, many others already are thinking the same thing!  ResistnetBungalowbillUSBacklash.  

Don’t go there. Don’t fly through there.  Hell, don’t even WATCH the Forty-niners on T.V.  

While I (John Doe) am at it, I’ll make Arizona (made in New York) Iced Tea the OFFICIAL iced tea of Smash Mouth Politics.  Can’t speak for the Southern and Western contingents.  

On lighter news, the Arizona Governor just got like a twenty point leap in the polls since she signed the new law.   Sorry, forgot where I saw the link.

UPDATE:  More join the fun!  Tea Party to boycott San Fran. TheLonelyConservative has the same idea.  Ethel The Frog chimes in about that cess pool of a city, and shows how racist Mexico is in its immigration laws.  The Unwanted Blog is on to something: 

“I’m sure the Arizonans will be disappointed that left-wing extremists might not pour into their state at prior rates.”

“Additionally, this gives the state government of Arizona the opportunity to be gracious and magnanimous. Instead of responding with a similar boycott of San Francisco, they should take a tip from South Park… and start a free charter bus service for illegal aliens straight to SF. Let them know about all the welfare goodies they can obtain in SF, how the California gun laws leave the citizens of that state virtually defenseless compared to the citizens of Arizona, how San Fran refuses to work with the feds on rounding up illegals, etc.”

8 responses to “Boycott San Francisco!

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    Here here!

    San Francisco, the Land of the Freak and the Home of the Gay…

    I’m just saying……

    (Get over it people, it’s a joke…)

  2. Open up those golden gates San Francisco the illegals are headed your way, heh’ heh’. I would’nt knowingly buy anything or step foot in S.F. I’m very proud of Arizona and ashamed of S.F.

  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    Other than foolish rhetoric and decent Clam Chowder, I don’t know what they make in SF anymore…

    I’m also proud of AZ. for stepping up to this. Now if they could only trade McCain for some blankets and a few tacos…


  4. These city’s better be careful about boycottin’ Az. They need to worry about their own city’s not ours… Last time I checked, here in Az, we have about 65% in favor of the bill.. Second, the Goveners ratings went up by more than 10%.. California needs to be careful because a lot of us goto California for vacation.. and if they start to boycott, their tourist attractions and hotel industry will suffer. With 65-70% of people in favor of a law and another state try’s to boycott– guarantee we will return favor.. It works both ways!!! Here’s my idea.. Since Frisco and LA want the illegals, then when we apprehend them, we will fly them to LAX – SFO and drop them off and let them infiltrate their hospitals, schools, workplaces….. What part of ILLEGAL is LEGAL!!!!

  5. No more Rice-A-Roni for me!

    But seriously, what’s from San Fransisco that can be boycotted? The only thing produced there is hot air and hemorrhoids.


    San Francisco is a blight on americas west coast

  7. That is why we N. Californians call it “granola city”. (Full of flakes, fruits anda nuts).

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