MSM Headline of the Week – Dumb-Ass Edition

During the Monday 12PM ET hour of live coverage on (P)MSNBC, anchor Contessa Brewer described the “firestorm” over a newly passed immigration law in Arizona and fretted: “…does this lead to a situation where neighbors are turning in neighbors or families turning against families?”

Later in the segment, a headline on screen (our winning comment) read:

“Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant.”

Is commentary required here?  I hope not…


26 responses to “MSM Headline of the Week – Dumb-Ass Edition

  1. Oh, damn, I hate it when they make illegal shit illegal.

  2. Sorry fer the hiatus, gents…
    The sorry olde gramps has been…as they say… ”operator out of scope”

    I always swore I’d never get back on an aero plane…again!

    Damn, I’ve flown hundreds of hours and now I’ve only got this uncharacteristic and unrealistic thought…

    The third time will not be a… god damn, charm…?

    Hey gents, H&K’s…
    It’s good to be back in one piece…


  3. Oh my…

    “On Tuesday, seven members of the Los Angeles City Council signed a proposal for a boycott, calling for the city to ‘refrain from conducting business’ or participating in conventions in Arizona,” the Los Angeles Times

    This little exercise in bigotry could spell curtains for the GOP in November; If this pisses off young college kids who voted in mass for President Obama, serious minded Independents and Hispanics in general…

    It’s, Katy bar the door…honey!

  4. The Arizona Daily Star reports that [Gov. Janet] Brewer says outrage over the ability of police to ask people for citizenship documentation will fade. She recalled how another uproar faded when she was secretary of state and rode herd over a requirement that voters show ID at the polls.

    I got it totally wrong, as usual…?

    It’s hey Jan, open the door…honey!

  5. These people are dumber than a sack of rocks.

  6. Ha ha ha…

    …and I always thought it was a box of rocks…and a sack of horse pucky…?

  7. Naw, Gramps, get with The Program. Nowadays, it’s “Weapons Grade Stupidity.” In the people in Los Angeles’ case, it’s Enhanced WGS. It’s room temperature (in a barn, in Wisconsin, in the winter) I.Q.-ville.

  8. Lipton T. Bagg

    Yes Gramps, as usual you got it wrong. Let’s start with the basics:

    A government is the organization, machinery, or agency through which a political unit exercises its authority, controls and administers public policy, and directs and controls the actions of its members.

    As such, the fundamental premise of government is to provide a framework under which a sovereign group is provided a safe, secure and fertile infrastructure in which its citizens can safely thrive. A component of this responsibility is protecting the sovereign group. A subset of this of course is maintaining its lawful proximity with other governments.

    A central government is typically charged with protecting this proximity why whichever means it sees fit. In this fashion, the government helps protect its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic (I believe you have sworn that allegiance before). For years – our Federal government (not just with Mr. Obama but continuing with him) has shirked its responsibility to meet the changing, growing threats of illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, and international violence spilling into the U.S. over its porous borders. The recent escalation in violent crime in Mexico, higher level of threat from foreign terrorist organizations and drug trafficking from abroad has finally forced one border state – Arizona – which has been disproportionately exposed to these threats to take a unilateral action. This was done not to usurp Federal authority (it does not) but to substitute for the ineptitude of current Federal border policy.

    Arizona’s SB1070 does not add any requirements for more identification, nor extra detention, search or seizure mechanisms not all ready in Federal guidelines (check it, you find that’s true). What it actually is remove a peace offer’s prerogative to forego the validation of citizenship or legal alien status in certain situations. Now, whenever an officer is in contact with someone and has “reasonable suspicion” of impropriety, or “probable cause” to suspect someone of an impropriety, he must take the steps to ascertain that person’s legal status.

    Most officers already do this as a normal course of business (Driver’s License or State Issued picture ID, vehicle registration if appropriate and proof of insurance where required). SB1070 in fact specifically states that presentation of a valid driver’s license or state issued picture ID does – except where forged or altered documents are suspected – meet the test of law for establishing citizenship status and no further investigation is required. However what SB1070 adds is a requirement for further investigation if during the course of an officer’s contact a citizen displays suspicious behavior such as furtiveness, failure to make or maintain eye contact or coherent communication, can or will not communicate in a known language or attempts to flee the scene. I’m sorry folks, but this is all common sense stuff to me – there is nothing overtly racial here.

    You will try to make the argument that not speaking English meets the above criteria but I don’t buy it. I live in an area where Caucasions are a minority – and every police force here has officers which speak multiple languages. Simply being of another ethnicity is not so unusual is such areas – Arizona is the same.

    The U.S. Government exists for the protection of its citizens – not for those of another country. It does not matter if it’s Mexico, or Canada or any other overseas country which refuses to respect this nations sovereignty. The U.S. is already amongst the most diverse nations of the world – and perhaps the most tolerant in regards to immigration and cultural assimilation. There is fine-tuning needed in our current immigration system – but it’s better than most. Having spent time abroad Gramps, you know this to be true. I am also remiss if I do not again point out that illegal is illegal. Making that which is deemed to be illegal as legal has a name – anarchy. And anarchy leads to the downfall of civilizations. See Greece and the Roman Empire for pictures and paragraphs on how it worked out for them.

    You know Gramps, people who spread this racist, bigoted rhetoric are a primary cause of the border issues we face today. Politicians so fear being labeled racist, bigoted or intolerant for offering plans to simply improve our national security that they take the pass and do nothing. Because of these hateful (usually liberal) windbags, this very important matter becomes a political hot potato, and continues to be tabled for the sake of political expediency and poll numbers. And it forces states to do what Arizona has done to protect its citizens.

    So let’s get this straight – SB1070 is not a racial issue, it’s an issue of proper control of a border and protection of citizens. It has been brought to bear because to the Feds inaction to properly secure our territorial borders. Both Dems and GOP alike are culpable in this failure. A state government and its citizens have every right (10th Amendment) to take action to protect its citizens when the Federal government cannot or will not do so. It so happens in this case the Arizona border is also a shared Federal border . I applaud Arizona for doing so and will continue to support any government which seeks the safety and security of its citizens.

    Anyone making SB1070 a racial issue is either grossly misinformed, or willfully perpetrating a lie.

    Want to fight a good fight, Gramps? Then do what you once swore to do – protect our citizens and strengthen the security of our nation. Spend the energy you use to spread Fiberal agenda and race-baiting rhetoric to support the sovereignty of the country you once swore to protect and defend.

    As always, one man’s opinion – YMMV

  9. Lipton T. Bagg

    Sadly, I must report most of California’s political system (and a good deal of her residents) suffer from high-yield WGS. It’s spread Liberally throughout the state. (Pun intended)

    (Currently vaccinated against WGS)

  10. Yes Gramps, as usual you got it wrong. Let’s start with the basics :…”

    Beejeebus, LTB…use one little [B]igotry word and yah sure gets yer money’s worth around here.

    The issue of illegal Mexican, or any nation’s immigrants is easily solved…
    It’s called a Work Permit…!

    They’re issued in Mexico, or other country; by their govmint and paid for by the hefty fines imposed on individuals and or companies in this country, that hires any person not an American citizen or without a damn “Work Permit”…

    Problem solved…
    Nuff said…
    Next question…?

  11. Lipton T. Bagg


    We want to make sure all readers get what they pay for. It’s the Smash Mouth way…

    Interestingly, there is a famous business in San Diego in danger of forfeiting its property over this very issue. They allegedly have a decades-long history of circumventing or ignoring immigration laws and worker documentation requirements.

    I oppose such Draconian measures in first-cases, but if the charges are true, have no problem with forfeiture. Or fine them the value of the property. Business owners should be held responsible for their actions – not just the workers.


  12. Now dammit JD…

    Blockquote>”…it’s Enhanced WGS. It’s room temperature (in a barn, in Wisconsin, in the winter) I.Q.-ville.

    Why in hell did you have to use the analogy of a Wisconsin barn [it only gets to -30]…it actually gets colder in North Dakota, I’m told as low as -45 or there abouts…

    It must be comparable to that, sack of rocksthemadjewess referred to earlier…?

  13. LTB, what could be better, than a “Work Permit”…it’s a win, win for everyone.

    1] We as a country; regain control of our borders at very little cost, no fences or expensive, extensive border patrols.

    2] Businesses and individuals have access to a veritable plethora, of industrious, intelligent and hard working people.

    3] Those possessing “Work Permits” have the ability to make much more than the living wage in their country of origin and would pay recorded, income taxes, here on their wages.

    4] We are a country made great; by and of immigrants and every person who so desires should be allowed a path to citizenship.

    None of these important and necessary provisions are in effect today with respect to the issue of illegal, immigrants.

    Changes should be made…phone or write yer congressperson, the sooner the better…!

  14. I could go for your work permit scheme as long as ALL the illegal immigrants go back to their country of origin. Then they may apply for a work permit.

    If you just let the tens of millions of illegal immigrants in this country have a blanket amnesty, you’re just perpetuating criminal activity. Perhaps if these people had to return home and apply for work, people in our country might have enough time to pull ourselves out of this recession.


  15. hatmrgguy // April 28, 2010 at 8:00 pm wrote: “I could go for your work permit scheme as long as ALL the illegal immigrants go back to their country of origin. Then they may apply for a work permit.
    If you just let the tens of millions of illegal immigrants in this country have a blanket amnesty…”

    Hey hatmrgguy…This isn’t any scheme…
    The “Work Permit” allows any person, not a citizen, of the good olde US of A… for a specific, limited, period of time…into our country. The length of time would be legislated…12, 18, 24 months..?

    Most if not all of the ”Mexicans” that now appear to be of mostly of your concern… love their wives and families and want more than anything else in their hard lives to, go back and visit their loved ones…!
    When they return to visit their families in Mexico, they renew their “Work Permit”…

    Much better than payin’ some sorry arse coyote to smuggle yer butt across the border in the dark of night…

    Not to worry hatmrgguy…!

    Presently there is a program for high tech, educated individuals; to work here in the USA…this program could easily be expanded to individuals of lesser education, yet highly skilled and motivated to improve their lives and that of their families, by working here in our country.

    With respect to amnesty; that would not be an issue if “Work Permits” were provided and border passage could be as simple as showing a legal, identifiable… “Work Permit”!

    I Sir… can’t believe how difficult and obtuse the folks in charge of our govmint… can be…with respect to this immigration, issue.

    I thank you for your concern and look forward to corresponding with you in the future,

  16. Whoops, a bag o hammers.
    I just want all people that hate our nation to get out before I go postal.My Dads side of my family are Iroquois. We fought we the colonists.
    I want these people OUT, out, Out!
    They SUCK! I lived in 2 of the WORST states; NYC 18 years, Cali the other 20+. I am now in AZ. I will fight to kill this time.
    I did EVERYTHING I could in Ca and NY, got my car shotgunned, my apt had rocks thrown through them, (my windows) thanks to ‘progressives’, who I have been standing up to on a daily basis since like 25 years old, I AM SICK of these meglo-maniac, mind fckers.

  17. Damn, I think I’m in love!

    (that hollow thump you just heard was Ms. LTB slapping upside my head)

  18. Moi?
    Yeah, another thing, I HATE the slaughterhouse of the American white Male.
    I friggin hate women so much, I think they should be gassed LOL!
    You should see all my posts on women, GOD HELP ME!! I HATE most women!

  19. Interestingly, I agree.

    The deconstruction of the American Male has long been a part of the “Pussification of America” agenda. And this was before the political plan of the same name became policy for Mr. Obama and the “O”val Orifice.

    To expound a bit, that very plan is a microcosm applicable to the Republican Party as well. Somewhere along the way, millions of Conservatives failed to get the memo that standing up for core beliefs based in truth, honor and patriotism is not defeatable – even when assaulted with lies, rhetoric and hate. It’s not always easy, but then again citizenship in the United States was never meant to be a spectator sport – it requires knowledge, action and at least a small degree of passion – love of the land, freedom and liberty. And occasionally, it requires thick skin.

    Those in the party who fear labels (and poll numbers) more than freedom and liberty began to move away from core ideology to absolve themselves ofinuendo, smears and rhetoric.

    Behold, the RINO is born.

    Now I have never known a good woman who did appreciate a good man – one who was strong (in the right ways), principled, and passionate in what was good and right. The same can be said of our elected leaders – if they carried the same qualities people would “see the light” and offer them positions of leadership. We’ve seen this recently – we may see more in November.

    It may be just a fleeting dream, but I’d like to believe that one day American exceptionalism will be on display through the strength and moral courage of many good leaders. But even if it’s only a dream, it’s a damn good one.


  20. Umm, Jewess…

    I know I’m splitting hairs but there’s something fundamentally uncomfortable with using “Jewess” and “gassing” in the same line of conversation…

    I’m just saying…

    (Who occasionally lets history get in the way of a good barb…)

  21. I know, I am rude. But I meant lethal, considering I feel they condone law-breakers- most women are FOR illegals that are in the cities.

  22. I notice you have Nation of Cowards on here. He is a buddy of mine, he is the sweetest Christian guy. I just love him.

  23. Gramps, look to the right under “Blogroll” in alphabetical order…

  24. Regards, JD…!

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