Bill Clinton inspires 9/11

Well, Ronald Reagan perhaps shares some of the blame for pulling out of Lebanon after rag heads blew up our barracks. 

Who said Bill Clinton caused 9/11? Well, you have to piece together the evidence, but it ain’t hard.  Osama bin Laden reportedly said that he thought that the U.S. was a “paper tiger” after seeing our response to “Black Hawk Down.”  Certainly the bombings at two embassies in one day, and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, and Clinton’s feckless bombing of an aspirin factory, added to his impression. 

Paper Tiger:  “In his 1996 “Declaration of War Against the Americans,” Osama bin Laden cited the U.S. retreat from Somalia in 1993: “You have been disgraced by Allah and you withdrew. The extent of your impotence and weaknesses has become very clear,” he said. “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

Now, a former bin Laden associate is reported to have said that bin Laden had no idea that the U.S. would respond as vigorously as it did post 9/11.

What happened after the 11th of September was beyond their imagination, ” says Benotman, who adds that al-Qaeda thought the U.S. was a “paper tiger.” 

….”Zawahiri laughed when he warned those at the 2000 meeting that the U.S. response would be swift, hard and long, Benotman says.”

“Benotman attributes al-Qaida’s overconfident attitude to the United States’ response to al-Qaida attacks on its in embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1998.”

“Zawahiri, according to Benotman, expected only a missile attack.”

“When they attacked the embassies in East Africa, they estimated the U.S. launched 75 cruise missiles and eight people got killed. So they said this time, maybe they will launch 200 and they laughed about this.”

“Benotman’s assessment is backed up by a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, who was active in the fight against al-Qaida.”

Now, maybe  Osama would have done it even if he had known the consequences.  My money is on the negative side.  Why bring a world of hurt down on yourself and force yourself to live in caves when you could wait until a Democrat gets elected president and just keep making small to medium attacks at will?  Assuming bin Laden is rational, I’m sure he would choose to not attack us on 9/11 if he had a do-over. 

All the more reason to walk softly and carry a big stick.  I’d do GW Bush one better.  I’d vow that the next terrorist attack on American soil would bring swift vengeance not only on the attackers, but on the Muslim holy city of Mecca.  I’d give the creeps who live there three days to vacate, and then I would vaporize the place with a nuke.  Course, there is a reason I’m not an elected official…

2 responses to “Bill Clinton inspires 9/11

  1. Makes me weep everytime I see this.
    It is unfathomable to me, that my people, the Jews, lost over 400 lives on 9/11, then turn around and still stick up for HUSSEIN Obama, who hates their guts.
    Makes me sick.
    God have mercy on us.

  2. Obama difinitely has no love for the Jewish race. Obama has no love for the America we lived in. Obama wants to remake America into something it’s not and wasn’t meant to be, a socialist nation. Obama is the epitome of ignorance if he thinks that he can make socialism work when people a helluva lot more intelligent than he ever thought of being, couldn’t make it work. As Margaret Thatcher once said; ” Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

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