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Attention RINOs: Please Exit To The Right…

Via Salt Lake City Tribune:

Unless Sen. Bob Bennett’s political fortunes change dramatically in the next two weeks, he could become Utah’s first incumbent U.S. senator to lose his party’s nomination in seven decades.

A new Salt Lake Tribune poll of Republican delegates shows Bennett running in third, behind GOP challengers Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater.

Lee logged 37 percent support in the survey, while Bridgewater came in at 20 percent, and Bennett lagged at 16 percent.

The survey of 400 Republican delegates, with a 4.4 percent margin of error, was conducted April 22-25 by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. of Washington, D.C. It comes less than two weeks before the May 8 state GOP convention.

Now Bob Bennett is not a bad guy.  He has good views on the education system, and a strong faith-based lifestyle – not much in the way of scandal or immorality to speak of.  So why is this basically upright man going to lose his job?  Because he’s a RINO – plain and simple.  And now it appears he’s going to reap what he hath sown. (For your Biblical types, see Gal 6:7)

Bennett’s biggest liability, Coker (of Mason Dixon Polling) said, is that delegates have a negative view of the senator: Just 28 percent see him favorably while 61 percent view him unfavorably.

Darren Park, a delegate from Riverton, is one of those. He hasn’t decided between backing Lee or Bridgewater, but says he won’t vote for Bennett because of the senator’s health care proposal, which would have required individuals to buy health care, and his support for the first round of bank bailouts during the Bush administration.

“It’s very much about Senator Bennett and not only what he has done and what he didn’t do,” Park said, in opposing congressional actions “that are incompatible, I believe, with the values and principles most Utahns share.”

So there’s the first of what is sure to many RINOs (Republicans in Name thrown Out) in this upcoming race.  The template is created. The die is cast. We the people want Conservative values in government, not in name only – and not just in election years (you listening, Cousin McCain?).  Let’s keep the pressure on those RINOs!  I know John Doe will!


MSM Headline of the Week – Dumb-Ass Edition

During the Monday 12PM ET hour of live coverage on (P)MSNBC, anchor Contessa Brewer described the “firestorm” over a newly passed immigration law in Arizona and fretted: “…does this lead to a situation where neighbors are turning in neighbors or families turning against families?”

Later in the segment, a headline on screen (our winning comment) read:

“Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant.”

Is commentary required here?  I hope not…


Bill Clinton inspires 9/11

Well, Ronald Reagan perhaps shares some of the blame for pulling out of Lebanon after rag heads blew up our barracks. 

Who said Bill Clinton caused 9/11? Well, you have to piece together the evidence, but it ain’t hard.  Osama bin Laden reportedly said that he thought that the U.S. was a “paper tiger” after seeing our response to “Black Hawk Down.”  Certainly the bombings at two embassies in one day, and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, and Clinton’s feckless bombing of an aspirin factory, added to his impression. 

Paper Tiger:  “In his 1996 “Declaration of War Against the Americans,” Osama bin Laden cited the U.S. retreat from Somalia in 1993: “You have been disgraced by Allah and you withdrew. The extent of your impotence and weaknesses has become very clear,” he said. “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

Now, a former bin Laden associate is reported to have said that bin Laden had no idea that the U.S. would respond as vigorously as it did post 9/11.

What happened after the 11th of September was beyond their imagination, ” says Benotman, who adds that al-Qaeda thought the U.S. was a “paper tiger.” 

….”Zawahiri laughed when he warned those at the 2000 meeting that the U.S. response would be swift, hard and long, Benotman says.”

“Benotman attributes al-Qaida’s overconfident attitude to the United States’ response to al-Qaida attacks on its in embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1998.”

“Zawahiri, according to Benotman, expected only a missile attack.”

“When they attacked the embassies in East Africa, they estimated the U.S. launched 75 cruise missiles and eight people got killed. So they said this time, maybe they will launch 200 and they laughed about this.”

“Benotman’s assessment is backed up by a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, who was active in the fight against al-Qaida.”

Now, maybe  Osama would have done it even if he had known the consequences.  My money is on the negative side.  Why bring a world of hurt down on yourself and force yourself to live in caves when you could wait until a Democrat gets elected president and just keep making small to medium attacks at will?  Assuming bin Laden is rational, I’m sure he would choose to not attack us on 9/11 if he had a do-over. 

All the more reason to walk softly and carry a big stick.  I’d do GW Bush one better.  I’d vow that the next terrorist attack on American soil would bring swift vengeance not only on the attackers, but on the Muslim holy city of Mecca.  I’d give the creeps who live there three days to vacate, and then I would vaporize the place with a nuke.  Course, there is a reason I’m not an elected official…

Noah’s Ark FOUND!?

On Drudge recently, Chinese and Turkish explorers claim to have found what appears to be the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey.  [The photo with that article seems fake to me–too “new”.] For you heathen or unlearned, the Bible claims that the Ark came to rest “on the mountains of Ararat” (Gen. 8:4).

Now, I am not surprised, and at the same time I am skeptical.  My faith does not live or die on the existence of the remains of the Ark.  But I remember reading of pilots who flew over the region in WWII (I’ll try to find a link.  Ed Davis, during WWII but he was walking and not air force) who saw what appeared to be a large structure on top of that mountain.  Other explorers have tried to find it but the government had not allowed searches.  The region has been covered in snow for much of the time.  And is pretty treacherous–see photo below the fold.  And now with global warming the snows are receding.  I believe it is true.

But I also expect that there is a high probability of either fraud, or mistake.  Not saying these explorers are frauds.  But others may have built something up there, either as a fraud, or because they wanted to duplicate the Ark.  I will keep an open mind.  Those who do not want to believe it is true will find some reason to disbelieve.

UPDATE:  False alarm.  Evidently it was never “lost.”  At least according to this chronology…

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Liberals Love To Hate…

Extreme language warning. But MUST listen and see to believe.

What constitutional right is more important?

h/t Right Wing News (Bonus Question:  Which right are liberals generally in favor of limiting?)

The people of Arizona are being vilified for protecting themselves

Leo W. Banks at “The American Thinker” (h/t Doug Ross) makes some excellent points about the new law in Az which makes it a crime to be in the state illegally.  I am not sure what his source is but he writes that “an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens live in Arizona.”  If they were all hard-working immigrants, that would not be such a problem.  The problem is that the drug dealers are taking over the illegal routes into the country.  Would be immigrants have to pay a bribe of roughly $2,500 to get through, which most do not have, or they have to carry drugs for the drug gangs.  Arizona has become the new wild west, against the will of the people.  And race-baiters such as Obama and Sharpton are vilifying them for fighting back.

UPDATE:  I can think of only three reasons why Republicans would oppose a crack-down on illegal aliens.  Fear of loss of political clout, fear of being demonized as racists by the left, and fear of the loss of cheap, exploitable laborers. 

Many otherwise decent Republicans fear driving Hispanics permanently into the arms of the Democrats, where they vote in mindless lock-step with the blacks, felons, and queers.  That could happen, if Republicans don’t continually counter the slanders of racism by the Democrats.

Some spineless Republicans rightly fear being demonized as racists.  Well, of course they are going to be called racists–it comes with the territory when you oppose the left.

And some despicable Republicans oppose illegal immigrants because they enjoy using and abusing them as cheap labor. 

One aspect of allowing illegal immigrants into this country that is ignored by so-called caring liberals is that illegals are taken advantage of and used and abused in our country.  They are forced to work longer hours, to work harder, to do dirtier jobs, for less money, than legal residents. I’ve been to a mushroom farm in Michigan where the workers (Vietnamese) couldn’t speak English and all lived in terrible conditions (this was years ago).  I saw the conditions that migrant workers lived in down in Florida.

I do not blame anybody for wanting to come to America.  I do not want any rejected because of their race (although I would be willing to reject anybody based upon their political philosophy).  I blame the Federal Government for failing to secure our borders.  And I blame the Democrats for making it a political issue.

“Our fill in the blank Constitution?”

Citizen Tom hits one out of the park!  I know I’m a little late to the party, but his article is a must read.  

As a lawyer I can vouch for the fact that most lawyers have bought into the doctrine that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, and that we can’t fathom what the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers’ was so it is useless to try. 

This country long ago was hijacked by those who view the Constitution as meaning whatever the Court says it means. We are in a battle where the strongest side wins.  Having foregone the traditional restraint of deferring to the legislature on areas that are outside of the realm of the Constitution, our Supreme Court has become the most powerful institution in government.  Whichever side has the most unelected ex-lawyers on their hands wins, period.  It no longer matters what the Constitution says, it matters who has the most votes when interpreting it. 

Ideas  have consequences.  Liberal ideas have terrible consequences.

Malkin for President

Hear me out.  She’s beautiful, articulate, and incredibly  smart.  She’s fearless, and she fights.  She is absolutely spot on every issue upon which I have ever heard or read her views.  She does not have the personal baggage of a Rush Limbaugh.  She has a “non-stop motor” (a little NFL lingo). 

"Is this heaven?" "It's Malkin."

As a public speaker, she makes Obama look like the juvenile teleprompter-breath that he is.  Her grasp of the issues makes Sarah Palin look like the back-woods hick that she is.  Stupid liberals despise her.  Wise men adore her.   The chauvinist pig in me wishes she was all this perfect package in a man’s body.  Alas, eventually this country will elect a female president. It might as well be a beautiful, intelligent, articulate, wonderful conservative chick who is first, instead of some ugly ass shrill ultra-liberal wench.

Michelle won’t run you say? Okay.  How about Liz Cheney?

By John Doe