I’ll Trade You A Green Card For A Dem Vote…

“…For a hamburger today, I will gladly pay you next Tuesday…” – Whimpy

Well folks, here it comes – the next drop in the bucket;  the next shoe to hit the ground.  Fiberals have decided to table Cap & Trade legislation in favor of Immigration reform.  And Graham is pissed.  As a result, Lindsey Graham has walked away from his support of the Cap & Trade legislation.

Lindsey had taken a big step of faith – being the only Republican in the country to support the Graham-Schumer bill for Cap & Trade.  He also (foolishly) took Mr. Obama at his word that climate legislation would be pushed this year.  Now, as so many others have learned,  Mr. Obama’s promises – whether written or oral – are not worthy of lining the bottom of a bird cage. Graham is out on a limb that’s breaking.  He is up “Chit Creek” without a paddle.  He’s out there alone in the political wilderness.  And Graham has no one to blame but himself.

There is also the desirable (for DNC) extra benefit of Fiberals being able to crow “Republicans don’t want clean water!  Republican’s don’t want clean air!  Republican’s don’t want us to love Mother Earth!  Good job Lindsey…

And why has this come to pass?  Well kind reader, if you were not aware, Fiberals are being drawn and quartered in the polls.  Democrats are (if you believe said polls) in considerable danger of losing majorities on both houses of Congress, and being flailed in regional elections where Independent votes are walking, no running, away from the DNC is hoards.

To coin a phrase: “It’s all about the votes, stupid!”

Specifically, it’s about saving Obama’s job in 2012.  Some would have you believe it’s about Harry Reid, since Reid has such a large percentage of Hispanic voters in Nevada.  But honesty, I am not so sure.  Mr. Obama has routinely demonstrated his agility while throwing once-useful politicians under his bus. And while I cannot get close enough to read Harry’s expiration date, Reid’s loss (if politically advantageous in the long run) is a price Mr. Obama would gladly pay.  It would also allow him to use Reid’s carcass to deflect some of the healthcare vitriol.  Just saying…

So, here we have two things happening in unison this Monday – Mr. Obama has a video speech circulating pushing young activists to engage first time voters – ostensibly young voters.  At the same time, Mr. Obama’s taking sides in the recent Arizona legislation AND announcing the Obama Regime’s push for an amnesty provision.  Coincidence?  I think not…

So who are the REAL first-time voters Mr. Obama is trying to coddle?  Why, the Hispanic vote of course.  Now one might remember that Mr. Obama had the Hispanic vote in 2008.  And he had the young vote.  And he had the Black vote.  And the female vote.  And so on….

But the prize Mr. Obama is most wanting is…. The Independent vote.

Mr. Obama is trying in desperation to win back the non-affiliated who are running away in droves.  And Mr. Obama doesn’t believe Cap & Trade will get them back.  He believes Immigration Reform and Amnesty will.  By the way, did we mention that a disproportionate number of Hispanics is certain pockets of the country list themselves as “Independents”? So, the plan will be to vilify Arizona for their Immigration legislation (which would have been unnecessary if the Federal Government was controlling our borders as mandated by the Constitution) at the first opportunity.  Then Mr. Obama will swoop in and “save the people”.  He will propose to prevent any more “racist” laws by offering a free ride to millions via amnesty for illegal aliens.  Of course this will become part of his already bloated “Pussification Of America” doctrine.  Which will also cause unemployment, welfare and healthcare costs to spiral upward as said millions are absorbed into the government roles.  BAM!  Instant, permanent dependent underclass.

I have long been on record as supporting a process by which those eligible for legal immigration can become legal resident aliens and citizens faster – through streamlining the process.  But I am also on record as saying that flaws in the Immigration code cannot me mitigated by illegal immigration.  Illegal is illegal, period.  And illegal should be dealt with by law enforcement and the court system.  Not with faux sympathy from politicians in an election cycle.

This is a political stunt, plain and freakin’ simple.  There is no way in Hell Immigration legislation can be done by November.  But the bill is not what will count. Fiberal rhetoric from now to November will make oft mention of impending amnesty legislation.  Fiberal candidates and pundits will trumpet it with one side of their forked tongues, knowing full well that no legislation will be delivered until Mr. Obama can get political traction from it – and long after November 2010 has passed.

What if there is a GOP landslide in November?  Amnesty talks gone.  Until mid 2011.

Campaigning to mid-term elections, all the rhetoric you will hear regarding amnesty will be empty promises.  And why not, Mr. Obama excels with empty promises.  Don’t believe me?  Call Lindsey Graham and ask him…


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