Ain’t Karma A Bitch? Financial Regulation Vote Fails!

Via FoxNews:

Republican lawmakers stuck together Monday in preventing a massive financial regulatory bill from proceeding in the Senate, despite efforts by Democrats to portray the GOP as supporters of Wall Street — not Main Street.

In a key test vote Monday evening on the financial regulatory bill, all Republican senators — and one Democrat — voted to block debate on the legislation.

And the lone Democrat preventing the advancement of the bill?  Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska.  How’s that for a Cornhusker Kickback, Mr. Obama?


6 responses to “Ain’t Karma A Bitch? Financial Regulation Vote Fails!

  1. There is no safety until the 112th Congress is sworn in.
    And then only if we watch the creeps.

  2. Depends on how the electorate votes. If enough of the right people don’t get out and vote for the right candidates, we’ll just end up with the same as we got now. According to the little bit of research I’ve been able to do, it seems like a lot of so called republicans have the same liberal mindset as most democrats. So just replacing a democrat with a RINO isn’t going to help us at all.

  3. OK, MrG, I buy that to a point. However it is time we profoundly consider every situation, sometimes differently. For instance, I would always prefer the Conservative candidate over a RINO, of course. But the choice of a RINO over an Obamaniac becomes an entirely different issue…

    Let’s use a California race I recently dissected as an example. We have Barbara Boxer (take her, Please!) being challenged by Carly Fiorina, Chuck Devore and Tom Campbell. My first choice, ideologically, is Chuck Devore and I continue to support him toward the GOP primary. If Carly would happen to win the GOP nod (and being the closest to RINO), would I vote for Carly against Boxer? Hell, yes.

    As we approach the election, pragmatism will need to be injected into voter education. It is short-sighted of us to consider a vote for every RINO is analagous to a vote for the Fiberal. And I don’t think it’s dishonorable to admit this.

    In the end, (IMHO) we need to – at all costs – defeat the Obamaniacs. I am willing to stomach a candidate who is closer to Conservative values (even if technically a RINO) to achieve that end. To me, that’s not the best win – but a win nevertheless.

    Just this man’s opinion – YMMV.


  4. I respect your opinion LTB and I give you kudos on your lucid presentation. But there are just too many elected officials like our own Sen Lindsey Graham who will roll over to the leftist point of view like a puppy dog begging for another treat. Scott Brown is another example of a RINO. It’s just been brought to light that Brown received several hundred thousand dollars from several wall street companies, including over five grand from Goldman Sachs. I wonder how he’s going to vote on the financial regulation legislation? (It will come up for debate again because Harry Reid also voted no when he found out how the vote was going. Reid’s no vote allows the legislation to be brought up for debate again in the future.)

    It would behoove us to really study the candidates in our districts and states and do our best to promote the right people because as you know…the lesser of two evils is still evil.

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