Increase the tax on oil

Sometimes even a bumbling idiot such as Thomas L. Friedman of the NYT can espouse a good idea.  His latest?  Put a $10 tax on every gallon of imported oil and put every penny to paying down the debt. 

The exact amount is debatable.  Probably should be much more. And provided that we make tax cuts elsewhere to offset the new tax (we are taxed enough already).

Americans are lazy.  Why bother saving gas when it is so cheap?  Why get a tune up, why skip trips? Why get a job close by when I can commute?  We are addicted to cheap gasoline and big cars.  I’m as bad as any.  But jack up the cost of oil and gas, and American ingenuity will kick in and save gazillions.  In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to do this–everybody would save every tiny oz. of gas and oil. 

We would have to grant some exemptions, or tax credits for people such as truckers and those who live out in the middle of Bumphuckistan and Podunk.  But we should be relying more on freight trains anyway.  Whatever happened to trains? 

This idea has the hackles on my anti-government, anti-tax neck standing up, so I realize I might be wrong. Help me! What do ya’ll think?

6 responses to “Increase the tax on oil

  1. As a person who lives in Bumfuckistan and has to drive to Podunk to work, I’m against another tax added to the price of a gallon of gasoline. I have to drive 30 to 50 miles one way to work, depending on where the job is. I work in construction. I have about 500# pounds of tools that travel with me. It would be kind of hard to tote all that stuff on public transportation.

    When I lived in Atlanta and worked construction, I did use public transportation, but it was a pain in the ass because of the time involved, different trains and buses and having to walk from the bus stop to the job, which wasn’t always convenient.

  2. See, I’m thinking guys like you need a tax credit, or special exemption. I’m not saying this is gonna be easy…

  3. Just what we need, another tax with exemptions for “special needs”. I think we already have enough of that. It’s called the federal tax code. I believe we need to abolish the 16th amendment and go to a simpler tax system. One where every one pays the same percentage either as a flat tax or a consumption tax in which people on the fringes like drug dealers and others in the criminal element end up paying their fair share. The consumption tax should not be confused with the VAT as that is an entirely different kind of tax. 😉

    You’re right John, it aint gonna be easy.

  4. I’ve got a novel idea. How about politicians stop taking MORE money from us and spend LESS?

    Like maybe smaller government, fewer unfunded programs and a line-item veto? And maybe a man with moral turpitude who I can refer to as “President” with pride?

    Yeah, I know, but it’s a dream I have…

  5. You’re right LTB, but unfortunately, we will always have taxes. It’s unrealistic to think this administration will try to curtail their spending habits. Kinda like trying to take the credit card away from your shopaholic spouse. 😉

  6. All tax are punitive. Income taxes punish for making money. At least oil would punish for using oil, which would be a good thing if we could figure out how to do it. Hey, they are going to tax. They already have “sin tax” on alchy and cigs etc. Sure, in an ideal world less taxes would be great. I’m not advocating this tax on top of others. I’m saying how about this instead of some of those other ones?

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