Did you know you were riding in a classic?

I’ve never owned a souped  up “muscle car.”  (Well, my 1995 Mustang GT was almost a “muscle car.”)  I’ve ridden in some, and I owned one that would be sweet to own right now. 

I rode in my cousin’s 1967 Camaro back when I was a young ‘un.  It had nuts.  It drove like a sum bitch.  I instinctively knew it was a muscle car, before they even called ’em muscle cars. 

My brother owned a Plymouth Barracuda that looked something like this. But it was two-toned brown and white, and was jacked up in the back with big tires.  This was back in about 1973.  Car had stones.  We smoked many joints in it on the way to high school. No wonder I flunked first hour algebra.

I drove a Firebird from Michigan to Florida in 1981.  Somebody bought it in Miami, Florida. It was made in Michigan.  They wanted it in Florida, I was heading to Florida, so I got to drive it there.  I VIVIDLY remember coming up behind two Georgia State Police patrol cars somewhere near Hotlanta. I was traveling well over the speed limit, in a white Firebird looked something like this, and with a few beers under my belt and more beside me.  I slowed up and kept my cool. They ignored me. I made it to Miami safely. Whew.  I knew it was a muscle car!

In 1983 I bought an old broken down Chevy Chevelle SS.  It did not look pretty and it did not run great.  This is roughly what it would look like if it was fixed up now.  I did not know it would become a classic…

Back in about 1973, a buddy of mine had a 1957 Chevy–they were already classics.  He wrecked it as young men are want to do…

Almost exactly like this one (not as nice)

Have you ever owned a classic car, whether you knew it at the time or not?  God, I would kill to own some of the cars that I have ridden in during my youth.

sometimes kids don't know how good they have it...

The End

4 responses to “Did you know you were riding in a classic?

  1. Had a ’64 yellow Impala Coupe for a while. Wish I still had it. That car had classic lines. My brother and I blew a head gasket coming back to WNC from Fla. Later, I had a ’72 Dodge Coronet 4 dr charger. It was a former police cruiser. That car had stones. I made a round trip from Cullowhee, NC to Hampton, Va. and back in just over 16 hours one time when I went to pick up my kids. It’s about a 1000 mile round trip and I was just hitting the high spots.

  2. My first car was a 1967 Coronet 500 Police Interceptor – 383 magnum, 850 holly quad and 727 torqueflite. That car had stones…

    Today I drive a semi-muscle car. 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T. The last year of the 3.5 l engine and 6 sp trannies. With a chip, intake and magnaflow cat-back it’s pushing a little over 300 hp to the FRONT wheels. This little car has stones – just a different type of stones…

    My last (kinda) muscle car was a 1982 Z-28. I wanted a Z all my life, and when I finally could afford one, it turned out to be the biggest POS ever. But I did trade it to a Dr. in Germany for his 1984 Porsche Targa. Sucks to be him…

    What I wouldn’t give for some of those beloved Cameros, ‘Birds, ‘Cudas, ‘Stangs of old. Anyone remember the Super Bird????


  3. The Superbird….shades of Richard Petty. They didn’t make too many of those, but occasionally you’ll see one cruisin’ around.

    My “gotta have” car if I ever got rich would be the 1964 Ford Cobra. Unfortunately, they go for six figures when you can find one. One of the folks at Clemson University has a replica that they drive around every once in a while. It looks real down to the spartan cockpit with the five point safety harness and the side pipes, the individual roll cages behind each seat. Really cool car and definitely muscle all the way.

  4. That’s a Ford Shelby AC Cobra. I tried to download a picture of one, but it’s late and I’m braindead tonight, as opposed to any other night. :0

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