Sarah Palin Fights!

To Paraphrase Abe Lincoln, we can’ t spare her–she fights! Whatever is in that holy roller Bible of  hers that she drinks, buy a case of them and distribute them to other so-called Republican “leaders.”

Though not by her, an article from Conservatives4Palin nails it: 

…”Obama’s understanding of free market capitalism is commensurate with his ability to speak without a teleprompter. The notion that a guy who has never done anything productive in his life can lecture Wall Street on topics about which he has no clue is so sublimely silly that one can’t help but laugh. The lamestream media, whose dearth of knowledge of financial markets rivals Obama’s, can always be counted on to be there with a shovel to assist their Messiah.”

“Governor Palin, for her part, is not mesmerized by The One’s “brilliance” and sees him for what he is: a hustler who is rapidly losing his ability to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people despite a concerted effort by the media to help him do just that….”

“…Governor Palin is having none of this and rightly called him out (again) while the rest of the GOP pretenders hide in the shadows. Apparently they believe their chances to become president would be harmed if they create a stir by criticizing the disastrous policies being pushed by our inept President. Is Governor Palin the only Republican not afraid to lead? Isn’t Mitt Romney supposed to be the greatest financial mind of our time, indeed in the history of the universe? Where’s he hiding? Perhaps he’s plotting to send his minions to purchase another straw poll….”

Imagine if I–who never served–claimed to know enough to tell Gen. Petreaus how to run the military? Imagine if my wife claimed to know football more than The Tuna?  Yet we give Obama a pass regarding the market and the economy, even though he’s never started a business, made a payroll, or been accountable to make a profit doing anything in his life.  

Do I believe that she is presidential timber, at least at the present? Not just no, hell no.  Some of the stuff she does, and the tone of voice in which she says some things, makes me cringe.  But she fights.  She leads.  Am I embarrassed to have her doing the fighting? Yup.  Am I sorry that we have no better politicians speaking out, saying the things that she is saying that need to be said. Absolutely. 

Probably the reason that more are  not speaking out is fear.  Look at how she gets treated by the media, and by the Democrats.  A lesser person would  have slunk back to Alaska to live in solitude.  She not only doesn’t shrink back, she takes the fight to them.  Nobody is perfect.   Sometimes the more imperfect among us have to do the job because those more suited to getting the job done just aren’t man enough to step up and do it.

What do you think?

John Doe

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