Hot football girls

Rule 5 Saturday.  Inspired by the NFL draft, hot girls, and “The Other McCain’s Rule 5.”   With some random predictions about the draft and next season.

I predict Jets win Super Bowl!!

Prediction I:  Barring injury, Jets win Super Bowl.  They went far into the play offs last year, and have made incredible strides since then.  LaDanian as your back up running back?  Behind that incredible line?  Pairing shut down corner back Cromartie with “Revis Island”?  And then drafting Kyle Wilson as a backup and nickle? Getting Santonio Holmes, MVP of Super Bowl, for a 5th round draft choice?!!  The rich get richer. 

Skins cheerleaders will be hawt!

Hogs will be not hot

Lions WILL NOT suck this year!

Detroit has already added by my count 9 new starters from last years improved team.  Though they lost two good linebackers, they are vastly improved. And they ain’t done yet.  I predict that there defense and offense and special teams are vastly improved.  They are still under-manned, and will be over-matched against most teams, I am truly stoked (I am a realistic fan who has suffered decades of abuse.  This year is truly going to be a break through.  In a year or two, teams will fear them when they see the Lions on their schedule.  “The Curse” is broken.  Fearless prediction (barring injury–we are paper thin in depth):  SIX victories. Sounds slim, I know, but we only won 2 in the past two years…

Matthew Stafford's girls

I do not think that Donovan McNabb is the answer for the Skins.  He is getting old. He is no longer as mobile. He was never very good.  I hope he resurrects his career and the Skins win this year.  I just doubt it very much.  Although I like their new left tackle, their coach, and their running backs, I don’t see it happening this year.  In a year or two, Donovan will be too old, if he isn’t already. 


I can haz football?

Tim Tebow will work his ass off and become a decent pro QB.

Jimmy Clausen will be a stud qb. 

Jahvid Best will be the best of the 2010 running back class. 

Nwateveritis Suh will restore the roar and be inducted into the Hall of Fame someday.

Ok, I’m writing with my heart. Time to stop.

Georgia girls are hot

update courtesy of frankie

The End

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