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Military Judge Clears Second SEAL of Wrongdoing

via FoxNews:

A U.S. military judge on Friday cleared a Navy SEAL of any wrongdoing in the alleged beating of an Iraqi prisoner suspected of masterminding the grisly 2004 killings of four American contractors.

The Blackwater contractors’ burned bodies were dragged through the streets and two were hanged from a bridge over the Euphrates river in the former insurgent hotbed of Fallujah in an attack that shocked Americans and galvanized U.S. support for the war.

After a daylong trial and fewer than two hours considering the evidence, Navy Judge Cmdr. Tierny Carlos found Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe of Yorktown, Virginia, not guilty of dereliction of duty, a spokesman said.

It was the second verdict in as many days to throw out charges against a SEAL accused in the abuse case. Three SEALS, the Navy’s elite special forces unit, face charges in a case that has drawn fire from at least 20 members of Congress and other Americans who it see it as coddling terrorists to overcompensate for the notorious Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

The trial against the third and final SEAL to be charged is slated for May 3 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Michael Steele must go

Fire him, or whatever they do to an RNC Chairman.  What an incompetent boob.  Didn’t you think that the lefties would be all over such a dumb comment?  “We really haven’t given blacks a reason to vote Republican.” 

But besides being ignorant for throwing a propaganda bone to the looney left, the comment shows how ignorant you are.  Blacks don’t want a strong defense?  Blacks don’t want vouchers to escape terrible public schools?  Blacks don’t care if ObamaPelosiReid bankrupt our country and stagnate our economy?

I don’t care that Steele is black.  I don’t care that he was talking to blacks.  If any RNC Chair said such a dumb thing to any large group of people, I’d want them fired.  No, you Hispanics have no reason to vote for the GOP.  You old farts don’t either.  You Ivy Leaguers don’t either.  You GLBT whatevers don’t either.  Unless you love America and and don’t want to turn it into a third-world country with a two-bit dictatorship running it.  Sheesh! 

 What’s good for America is to throw the current Dems out of office. Since that isn’t self-evident to this moron, send him packing.  And as usual Dan Reihl doesn’t get it.

That’s John Doe’s opinion.  What’s yours?

OOPS! Court Document Points to Obamas Political Tricks

The blacked-out portions of a subpoena request filed by lawyers for former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich — which were revealed through a simple computer trick — suggest President Obama may have played a role in finding his own Senate replacement.

See the non-redacted motion here.

On Thursday, Blagojevich’s lawyers asked a federal judge to subpoena the president to testify about questions surrounding the government’s allegation that Blagojevich was selling or trading Obama’s Senate seat after his election to the White House in November 2008.

“President Barack Obama has direct knowledge of the Senate seat allegation,” reads Blagojevich’s 11-page motion, filed with U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel.

And my favorite portion….

Meanwhile, “a supporter of Presidential Candidate Obama” suggested she talked to Blagojevich’s wife about Jarrett and “mentioned in a phone call on November 3, 2008, having offered ‘fundraising’ in exchange for Senate Candidate B for senator.”

Valerie Jarrett is known to be “Senate Candidate B”.  And it appears Mr. Obama was ready to trade favors for her appointment.  Yawn, business as usual in the Obama regime.  More “transparancy” in government (like clear tape over our mouths and eyes).