OMG, I have waves and waves of good feelings.  The Lions ARE BACK, baby!   Mark it down.  The Fearsome Foursome is coming.  You do NOT want to mess with the Li0ns next year (providing that they get another starting CB).  Thank you Baby Jesus!   [John Doe]


  1. HERE is what a Lion’s fan I am. When they introduced Barry Sanders I teared up. I LOVE that guy. OK, maybe I’m a hormonal teenager, but I DO. I STILL miss him.

  2. My man C.J. Spiller went to the Bills at # 9. I don’t know where Best ended up.

  3. THE LIONS GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so stoked by the Lions’ moves. They have 8 new starters, and Best and Suh will be stars. I like Spiller, but I’d rate him and Best as 1 and 1A, so I’d say the Lions got the best deal…

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