The words of the day.  It’s a slow day.  I’m not proud. When I learn something new, I share it with my readers. John Doe.

From Esquire “1,000 things you didn’t know about women

No. 661: Never pinch the muffin-top. This is grounds for execution. —Catlin Moore, 24, Long Beach, California

[By John Doe]

8 responses to “Muffin-top

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    Ya know what JD: I like this one better. And since you and I both do the cooking at home, it make perfect sense…

    No. 9: Cook for us and you’ll get laid at the end of the evening. Clean up the mess you made cooking and you’ll get better sex than when you turned off the television in the middle of an “important” game. —Judith Brodnicki, 50, Omaha”

    (He who cooks and cleans and enjoys the thanks Ms. T. Bagg offers him for same…)

  2. The first and second photos are of the same babe…a very nicely rounded babe, in camos…

    So what’s yer complaint…

    The second one down, is just low ridin’ and headed fer the gym..!

    I got no complaints…!

  3. LTB…
    I’m still real concerned about yer liverwurst…


  4. No complaints. Guess I enjoy a little muffin top!

  5. Liverwurst is fine, but thanks Gramps.

    And I prefer to nibble the muffin top, not pinch it. Just saying…


  6. More cushion fer the pushin’ gents. 😉

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