G.M. repaying government loan with OUR money

Must see article from TheBlogProf.  G.M. can’t make a profit, but they supposedly repaid $8.1 billion of taxpayer loan?  Don’t investigate, just smile and be happy.  🙂 

UPDATE:  Here’s how the dumbass liberals spin the news.  “Congratulations, GM!  All TARP funds repaid 5 years early!” by crooksandliars. 
Only one of their readers there seemed to get it. The rest were all gloating and hating on Republicans.  An anonymous commenter:
“They actually haven’t paid back everything yet. They paid the 8 billion or so loan, but we the people still own something like 60% of the company until they can buy that back. A good step in the right direction, but don’t go gloating just yet. They are still losing money.”  [John Doe]

Blogprof Rocks!

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