Drinking game

Not sure of the rules, but I am positive that I would like this game. 

What’s the blue colored shit in black’s king and queen?

As an alternative, I’d make the pawns the cheapest shit, and the higher the rank, the better the stuff is.   That would really motivate you to go after the rooks and leave the pawns alone.   I wouldn’t have each piece filled with the same stuff as other pieces, either.  I want THAT pawn, not that one!  This could bring up many strategical conundrums: Hmmm. Trade my queen for that rook filled with Glenfiddich 18?  I might lose the game, but I’ll get that Glenfiddich!  [John Doe]

15 responses to “Drinking game

  1. That blue stuff looks kind of like some Tequila I had at my bachelor party about 11 years ago. It’s what I’d call “rotgut”. I can’t remember the name, though.

  2. JD…
    That “blue shit” is likely Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin…about 25 bucks a fifth.

    My daughter introduced it to me, she likes it up and dirty with two anchovy filled olives
    Fer me… Fleischmann’s @ $14 per 1.75 liters, works real fine and lasts a long time…

  3. My tongue is taste dead in regards to liquor. I can buy the cheapest gin and mix with tonic and lime and not tell the difference. Can’t do that with beer.

  4. BTW…JD…
    What’s the procedure for adding an avatar to my moniker?

    Do I email a photo to yer webmaster?
    Or can I do it here on-line?

  5. Yer absolutely correct; as far as vodka is concerned…it is basically tasteless and takes on the taste and aromatic properties of whatever you mix it with.

    Gin on the other hand has the distinctive taste of the distilled juniper berries, it’s distilled from.

    Beer; man that’s a whole ‘other story…a coinsurer’s delight, indeed..!

  6. Gramps, go here for how to add an avatar help:


  7. Lipton T. Bagg

    Might also be Blue Curacao -or a drink made with same. It’s a liqueur often used is pussy drinks, such as Ms. T. Bagg drinks…

    In any case, it has no use here. We used to play Risk in the Army – for every country you lost, you had to drink a shot of something really nasty. Like 151, or Corn Whisky, or Ouzo, or Jagermeister. All the bad guys….

    God, I miss those days. But I don’t think my liver could hang with young bucks anymore….

    (He of stout liver before, but today, liverwurst…)

  8. Lipton T. Bagg

    Beer is underrated as a connoisseur beverage. There are so many, which taste so different, and react with brain cells with soft, sensuous touches – or vile demonic rage….

    Truly the beverage of Gods…..

    (Beer Whore, and purveyor of the Godly Consumption Thereof)

  9. The good thing about beer is that you can drink lots of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shot of Tequila or Makers Mark, but too much impairs your poker judgment.

  10. Cirrhosis of the liver…LTB…
    Symptoms of liver disease may be acute, occurring suddenly, or chronic, developing slowly over a long period of time. Chronic liver disease is much more common than acute. The rates of chronic liver disease for men are two times higher than for women. Liver disease may range from mild to severe depending on the type of disease present…


    Liverwurst…that’s serious shit…LTB…

    My first suggestion would be…2000 mg of vitamin “C” per day…

    Do you need… real help to stop drinkin…?

    A real, big, bunch of my buds went that route…!

    Fuck the warrior’s code…!

  11. LTB…
    Thanks fer that…

    That’s the spelling I was lookin’ fer…!

  12. After closer examination, every piece besides the king and queen are Beer, with the “black” being a “bock” beer which is darker in color than lager beer.

    • So what’s yer thought…sir?

      With respect to my Bombay Sapphire…dumbe arse idea…

      Does that compute…in yer book…?

  13. Thanks Gramps but of the many issues I have in life, alcoholism is fortunately not one of them.

    Unlike many of the guys I served with, I never needed to search for solace in a bottle. Or anything else for that matter. Bad memories, but no demons.

    (Beverage connoisseur because I can, not because I need to be)

  14. They poured “white’s” side first…
    The “bloom is of the rose” with respect to “black’s” side…

    That’s definitely PBR on “white’s side…
    I’m thinkin’ Sam Adam’s red on “black’s” side…

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