Socialism is like slowly dying in a garage filled with carbon monoxide

Lipton’s article containing Larry Elder’s quotes and a portion of what Rush Limbaugh said yesterday got me to thinking.  How easy it would be to succumb to the mindlessness of socialism.  Rush told how some european country is considering making vacations a civil right.  Those who can’t afford a vacation will have  theirs’ subsidized by the government (i.e., paid for by other taxpayers).  The advocate of the plan even used the excuse that it would “stimulate the economy” as restaurants and resorts and hotels would have more customers.  Who doesn’t like vacations? Sounds great to me.  Let’s do it!!

That’s how any move towards socialism grabs you and seeps into your thought process.  Who doesn’t want to accept government largesse?  Free cheese? Food Stamps? Free money to buy a new car? “Free” health care?  I’m there baby!   The next thing you know you have sold your soul.

I would like to sit here and write you that I would have the courage and conviction to turn down “stuff” from the government.  But I must admit that if I could have afforded a new car I would have leapt at the “cash for clunkers” deal.  Of course I would have rationalized it:  “Oh, if I don’t take the money, somebody else will. It will stimulate the economy.  I’m saving the environment.  I pay my taxes, so why shouldn’t I get some back?  And my wife does need a new SUV.”  Bull shit. Complete and utter bull shit. 

Every penny that the government spends is either borrowed or taken from some tax payer. It’s legalized theft when the government takes money from another and gives it to me. When we accept such bribes benefits, we  should feel every bit as guilty as we (hopefully) do when we buy stolen goods from some creep out behind the dumpster.  We didn’t steal the shit, but we damn sure are taking advantage of somebody elses’ loss and benefitting the thief. 

How do we benefit the thief by accepting government benefits?  Politicians use benefits to bribe the citizenry into voting for them and to gain power and to reduce our freedoms.  Democrats have made an art of giving benefits to the poor in order to gain their votes.  Blacks vote almost en masse for Democrats because they know who will give them welfare benefits.  They think they are voting in their best interests, but most seem too stupid to realize or too proud to admit that accepting such benefits has terribly hurt the black community. 

Welfare and Aid to Families with Dependent Children and food stamps and the like have helped destroy the structure of the black family and made permanent wards of the state of many unfortunate blacks.  Young women were granted benefits which increased the more children that they had.  Husbands were no longer needed, and in fact would lead to less government benefits, so the marriage rate collapsed.  Unmarried women remain poor and dependent upon the state.  Children in single parent households are much more prone to turn to a life of crime. 

Young women emulated their mothers and eagerly had their first out-of-wedlock child in their early teens.  Benefits magically started to appear.  The more children, the more benefits.  Boys grew up in fatherless households, and turned to gangs and drugs, and grew up to eagerly father as many children to as many different women as possible.  Entire generations were enslaved.  Such a deal. 

I was reading a while back some blog site out of Canada that was discussing our health care reform before it passed.  The Canadians by and all smug and quite incredulous that anybody should have to actually pay for health care.  They have generations who have grown up not to know any better.  They do not even know what freedom is.  Jew vill get chore healt care ven vee say jew veel!  Just geev us chore monhey and do vat ve say!

Sure, it’s hard to actually get a job and earn enough to pay for your rent, food and health care.  It would be so much easier to just lay back, do nothing and let the government provide for all your needs.  But you have to look at the bigger picture. First, who the hell wants to sit on their butt and live off the government? No self-respecting person should. 

Second, having one’s needs provided by others is a terribly de-motivator.  Even if you are that one person who would not be de-motivated by having your needs cared for, others would be de-motivated by it.  Why work so hard if the government is going to take it all anyway? Why work at all if the government will provide all my needs?  When society stops working hard we all suffer. Our standard of living suffers. When the guy down the street stops working, or is much less productive, then he can’t afford to buy my stuff that I produce.

Europeans have traded in their freedom for stuff.  It’s not very good stuff, but it’s enough to make them content.  They get longer vacations, free medical care, and much greater unemployment benefits.  But it costs their societies in lowered production, higher unemployment, and lower standard of living.  And as Greece (and very soon Great Britain) illustrates, spending all that money is not sustainable.  You simply can’t keep taking from those who produce and giving to those who don’t.  As someone (Maggie Thatcher?) said:  The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money.

Okay, maybe the title is a little over the top.  Socialism doesn’t outright kill you (that quickly).  But boy, it sure is tempting to take government money and you do not even realize how it gets into your blood and eats away at your health.  No wonder there are so many ignorant and short-sighted people who fall prey to socialism.

2 responses to “Socialism is like slowly dying in a garage filled with carbon monoxide

  1. In a way, I feel kind of like a hypocrite because I rail against all the government programs. My wife is disabled and collects a check from Soc. Sec., plus medicare,( which she pays premiums for). And I being a veteran, take advantage of the VA for my medical care. My wife as well as I paid into SS and I served in the armed forces, so reckon we “earned” the right to use it.

    Am I right or wrong in taking advantage of these programs?

  2. We ALL do it, to one degree or another. I was on social security as a young un when my mother died. I’m not condemning ANYBODY, I’m just pointing out the insidious nature of the threat.

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