FDA to limit salt intake

Speaking of loss of freedom to the government, from The Washington Post

“The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease.” 

Ohhhh.  They are doing it for our own good!  That makes it all better!  But  how in hell did we survive as a nation for hundreds of years without the FDA regulating how much salt we can consume?  Here, government, here boy!  Take some more of our freedoms away. That’s it.  Good doggie. And if we resist?  The next argument will be the cost that could be saved by government healthcare if we cut people off of  [salt, booze, cigarettes, fat, you name it, just fill in the blank]. 

Meanwhile the stupid citizens smile and look the other way.  Nothing to see here.

“Freedom?!  Freedom is over-rated:  You people are just too damn stupid to make up your own minds about how much salt to ingest.  We are here from the Government and we are here to help!”

11 responses to “FDA to limit salt intake

  1. Salt, you’ve got to be effing kidding me. If they really want to “prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease” why not try eliminating several thousand pages of the tax code. I say revolt now, today our salt, tomorrow our beer. If I wanted to live in a bland food serving, Socialist country, I’d move to England (and may have to if they ban beer here).

  2. Mom has a way with words. Too bad they only let her out occasionally on work release so she can’t comment more. 😉

  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    I’ll ride in Mom’s luggage to the UK if they ban beer. While in-flight, I’ll mark up my front teeth with a Sharpie so I can fit in on arrival…


    • LTB…

      Yah, what is it with the British and their teeth?
      Perhaps they’re just not as vain as us colonists?

      the Aussie’s have good teeth…!

  4. Well ain’t that just like a handful of “wingers”, to get all their damn, tidy whites all twisted up and pulled up in their cracks ‘cause the govmint is here and tryin’ to hep yeh…and yah just can’t abide somethin’ that’s good fer yeh…!

    You youngsters’ will be thankin’ ‘em for the warning… when yah hit the big 70 and yer olde BP trends above 130/75…
    Have yah checked yours lately…?

    That’s the beginning of trouble and yah spell it with a capitol T

    Find folks…!

  5. 70? Sheeeit, you’ve already outlived your usefulness, so what are ya bitchin about? I’ll be lucky to make 55. 😉

    • JD…

      I’m from a family of long lived, krauts. My maternal grandmother made it too, just two days short of a century.

      I recall one of her admonitions…
      ”Always stop eating when it tastes the best”.

      She never weighted over 95 pounds, had high cheek bones, sparkling blue, eyes and a wonderful smile!

      She also made wonderfully smooth, breakfast oatmeal…she, let it slow cook, very slowly… on the wood stove overnight.

      Luv yah, Granny!

    • JD…
      Yah know; I… haven’t out lived my usefulness…?

      Today I’m takin’ the place of all those olde stabilizing influences in yer life…

      Yer Mom…”Brush your teeth, John.”
      Yer Dad… “Zip your pants, John.”.
      Yer Granny…” You’re a good boy, John”.

      Yah see what I’m sayin…?
      Gramps sends all the very, very best…!

  6. Oh, God. Just mentioning grand parents made me think of my grandfather. Gave me a heart ache. The best man I ever knew. Been dead 25 years, would be 102 if still alive. Smoked all his life and cancer of the lungs took him waaay too young.

  7. Relax you up-tighty righties. All this means is that they are going to reduce the amount of salt in processed foods. You probably won’t even notice, but if you do, you will be FREE to re-apply all the salt you damn well please. Again, take a deep breath, relax, the sky is NOT falling.

  8. Lay back, I’m just gonna stick it in a little bit…That’s not so bad now is it?

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