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Daily Gut: Hey PETA, This Is How to Hold a Kitten

Daily Gut: Hey PETA, This Is How to Hold a Kitten.

A middle of the week Rule 5

How to hold your pussy

Fmr ACORN head calls Tea Parties “bowel movement” and claims “they’re coming after you” | Washington Examiner

Fmr ACORN head calls Tea Parties “bowel movement” and claims “they’re coming after you” | Washington Examiner.

Bertha Lewis kind of reminds me of the starving dog when you take away their food dish. They growl and gnash their teeth when they see their free lunch being taken away. For too long these people have overfed at the public trough. The American taxpayers are getting damn tired of seeing their money going to these wasteful, corrupt  anti-government organizations.

And it’s kind of funny in a way because they hoisted themselves on their own petard.


Save 15% at GEICO gets tea bagged

Leftwingers are real big on boycotts and trying to get people fired.  But at least one doesn’t think it is so funny now.  The voice in the commercials that say “save up to 15% at GEICO”  has been dismissed from his job for using his highly recognizable voice to leave a voicemail in the mailbox of Tea Party group Freedomworks asking how many of its members were “mentally retarded” and what the response would be when a member inevitably killed someone.” 

Ooopsy.  Freedomworks complained vigorously to GEICO and he got canned. Now he wants to sue.  Any lawyer dumb enough to take on the case, knock yourself out. 

Here is the reality, folks.  We have freedom of speech in America, so you and I can say any damn stupid shit that we want.  Hell, that’s what keeps me blogging-damn stupid shit.  

But then you gotta be a man and suffer the consequences. Whether it’s a fat lip, the loss of sponsors, the loss of friends, or even the loss of your job.  Sucks when it happens, but you should think of that before you say it.  Unless yer like me, too stupid to give a damn for the consequences, and too poor to be sued.  Being “judgment proof” has at least that as a benefit.

FDA to limit salt intake

Speaking of loss of freedom to the government, from The Washington Post

“The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease.” 

Ohhhh.  They are doing it for our own good!  That makes it all better!  But  how in hell did we survive as a nation for hundreds of years without the FDA regulating how much salt we can consume?  Here, government, here boy!  Take some more of our freedoms away. That’s it.  Good doggie. And if we resist?  The next argument will be the cost that could be saved by government healthcare if we cut people off of  [salt, booze, cigarettes, fat, you name it, just fill in the blank]. 

Meanwhile the stupid citizens smile and look the other way.  Nothing to see here.

“Freedom?!  Freedom is over-rated:  You people are just too damn stupid to make up your own minds about how much salt to ingest.  We are here from the Government and we are here to help!”

Socialism is like slowly dying in a garage filled with carbon monoxide

Lipton’s article containing Larry Elder’s quotes and a portion of what Rush Limbaugh said yesterday got me to thinking.  How easy it would be to succumb to the mindlessness of socialism.  Rush told how some european country is considering making vacations a civil right.  Those who can’t afford a vacation will have  theirs’ subsidized by the government (i.e., paid for by other taxpayers).  The advocate of the plan even used the excuse that it would “stimulate the economy” as restaurants and resorts and hotels would have more customers.  Who doesn’t like vacations? Sounds great to me.  Let’s do it!!

That’s how any move towards socialism grabs you and seeps into your thought process.  Who doesn’t want to accept government largesse?  Free cheese? Food Stamps? Free money to buy a new car? “Free” health care?  I’m there baby!   The next thing you know you have sold your soul.

I would like to sit here and write you that I would have the courage and conviction to turn down “stuff” from the government.  But I must admit that if I could have afforded a new car I would have leapt at the “cash for clunkers” deal.  Of course I would have rationalized it:  “Oh, if I don’t take the money, somebody else will. It will stimulate the economy.  I’m saving the environment.  I pay my taxes, so why shouldn’t I get some back?  And my wife does need a new SUV.”  Bull shit. Complete and utter bull shit. 

Every penny that the government spends is either borrowed or taken from some tax payer. It’s legalized theft when the government takes money from another and gives it to me. When we accept such bribes benefits, we  should feel every bit as guilty as we (hopefully) do when we buy stolen goods from some creep out behind the dumpster.  We didn’t steal the shit, but we damn sure are taking advantage of somebody elses’ loss and benefitting the thief. 

How do we benefit the thief by accepting government benefits?  Politicians use benefits to bribe the citizenry into voting for them and to gain power and to reduce our freedoms.  Democrats have made an art of giving benefits to the poor in order to gain their votes.  Blacks vote almost en masse for Democrats because they know who will give them welfare benefits.  They think they are voting in their best interests, but most seem too stupid to realize or too proud to admit that accepting such benefits has terribly hurt the black community. 

Welfare and Aid to Families with Dependent Children and food stamps and the like have helped destroy the structure of the black family and made permanent wards of the state of many unfortunate blacks.  Young women were granted benefits which increased the more children that they had.  Husbands were no longer needed, and in fact would lead to less government benefits, so the marriage rate collapsed.  Unmarried women remain poor and dependent upon the state.  Children in single parent households are much more prone to turn to a life of crime.  Continue reading

Bill Clinton is a liar, and the MSM are his enablers

The Volokh Conspiracy has some great stuff up exposing the lies that Bubba is telling about the Oklahoma City bombing. 

The first lie is that Clinton blamed as the primary motive for the bombing on the “belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government.”  Timothy McVeigh went on record telling us what was his primary motive: It was payback for the government causing the deaths of so many innocent women and children at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.  And Clinton–not right-wing talk shows–was responsible for the deaths at Waco. 

A Volokh Conspiracy article points out that the plan to tear gas   the compound was a deliberate attempt to harm or kill 25 infants in the compound even if the compound had never caught fire. As a generally “law and order type,” I’m loathe to second guess lawful acts by law enforcement that produce unforeseen bad results.  But the plan to gas the compound was based upon deliberately exposing the infants to CS gas in order to force the mothers to take their children and flee the compound. 

Exposure to CS gas is extremely harmful  if not fatal to young children over even a few hours.  In other words, the plan was to harm or kill the innocent children in order to flush out the innocent mothers.  If our troops in Iraq did that they would be considered war criminals.  Clinton approved the plan, Clinton was responsible, and he, not talk radio, was the motivating factor for the Oklahoma City bombing.   [Go read the article.] 

The second lie is the deliberate blurring of the distinction of the anti-government views held by McVeigh and equating them with the small government, libertarian views of the Tea Party Activists.   Another Volokh Conspiracy article points out that Timothy McVeigh did not hold pro-small government, libertarian views.  He was a devotee of “The Turner Diaries,” which advocate the overthrow of the government and the institution of a Nazi-type fascist government.  No one who is taken seriously by the Tea Party movement advocates a worse form of government than we already have.   Tea Party advocates view fascism and socialism as being on the opposite side of the political spectrum from what they advocate: a limited, smaller government.  [Go read the article!]

The truth is that Clinton was responsible for Waco, which was the cause of the Oklahoma bombing, and the Republicans nor talk radio had anything to do with it, and yet Clinton (then and now)  exploits the bombing for political gain. 

Back then, as Byron York points out, Clinton exploited the bombing:  Continue reading