Liberal lawyers are just as nasty as liberals in general

Whoda thunkit? 

The following is an exchange amongst me and other liberal lawyers on an invitation only yahoo chat site for plaintiff’s lawyers from Virginia.  I’m the only hot-headed conservative. There is one other guy who is the George Will intellectual type conservative. The rest are to varying degrees all flaming liberals.  I got personally attacked without provocation in two days by three of them [I left out one unprovoked attack].  Many read the exchanges but few chime in.  The purpose is solely to discuss politics.  Bob and I are two of the biggest contributors, and I’ve  never had a problem with him.  I guess I would like advice on whether I was in the wrong, or confirmation that I’m an asshole not an asshole. 

  [An unsolicited personal comment directed at me by Tammy a couple of days ago]

Although my friends and family will tell you I have no shortage of opinions,  Marty, and can curse like a sailor when the situation calls for it, I’m staying out of this one and admiring the cool and calm way others are rebutting your argument. However, FWIW, your language and your style of discussion have surprised and saddened me and, in my opinion, do you no good in this debate.
You may well have a point to be made, but the nasty, dismissive tone and foul language with which you reply to everyone who doesn’t agree with you does you far more harm than good. 

[My reply to Tammy]

Spare me the lectures. You do not have to read what I say, and you certainly don’t have to reply. I don’t criticize your snarky replies. It is your style, I have mine. Let’s face it; we’ll never be drinking buddies. I can live with that.

 [A new comment by “Bob”—an ultra liberal– on a different topic the next day]

At the rally yesterday in Fort Hunt Park where the armed militia members showed their stripes, I was again reminded of the curious link some see between religion and guns.

According to that liberal scandal rag, the Washington Post:

“The Pew Research Center just released the results of a poll showing that 77 percent of Americans are frustrated or angry with the federal government. One manifestation of that is the 363 new patriot groups in 2009 — a 244 percent increase from the previous year — documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center. As militia leader Bob Wright from New Mexico put it to the crowd: “Two years ago, most of us were screaming at the TV, and our wives wondered why we didn’t just shut up. . . . We’ve seen an entire change in our country.”

“The demonstrators brought their guns to Virginia from New Mexico, New Hampshire, Florida and elsewhere. Among the group was Tim Hammond, who carried two pistols, a rifle and plenty of ammunition as part of an all-black outfit that included a black tricorn hat. Hammond, who said he flew in from California, told another demonstrator he believes that President Obama is the antichrist.”

 “If he’s not the antichrist, he’s pretty close,” the second man concurred.

 “We’re definitely in the end times,” Hammond continued. “The rapture, in my opinion, has to be sometime this fall.”

 So, at our National Day of Prayer should we pray for President Obama’s death to forestall the rapture?

 And, why do they call it “the rapture”?

 Another enlightened soul recently counseled me that there is no global warming: “Read the Bible, Robert. The earth doesn’t end that way.”

 I find religion so comforting. Now, where did I put that Glock.

[My response to Bob’s sarcasm—I like Bob and enjoy verbal sparring with him. Read it carefully and note my “racist comments”.]

 [Gratuitous slap at Christians in Bob’s last post.]

[Warning: Content may offend Tammy and her type]

Here is a clue, Bob: A majority of Americans claim to be Christians. A majority of America also claims to be unhappy with “The Won.” Many of those who are unhappy with The Community Agitator in Chief also attend Tea Party Rallies (and gun rallies). Hence, there will be many Christians who are also unhappy with B. Hussein Obama. It has nothing to do with being a Christian. Despising the Worst President Evuh is not a Christian thing, it’s an American thing. Just because America happens to be contain many Christians doesn’t turn this into a Christian thing. No cause and effect. Just the WaPo (and you) trying to make the
rallies look like they contain just a bunch of freaks.

Now, if you want to talk about freaks, take a closer look at the leftist
rallies. Queers, trannies, cross-dressers, pedophiles. Anarchists. Communists. Hippies, etc ad nauseum. Thems are some scarey folks. [WHYYYY does the leftist ideology attract so many freaks, you might want to axe yourself.] If the WaPo spent a fraction of the time exposing leftist vermin who protest at the drop of a hat, perhaps the good people who are Tea Partiers wouldn’t be so fired up.

[Bryan’s unsolicited attack on me.  To my recollection he has never participated in the discussion.]

“Evuh”? “Axe” – Slipping in some racist code?  Perfect.  In case anyone had any doubt that you were not approaching these discussions rationally – your true colors are clear.  Goodbye John.

 [My immediate, unthinking, angry response to Bryan]

Oh, you poor politically correct dear boy. Did we offend your perfect sensibilities. Grow a pair, then come back. Evuh isn’t “racist”, it’s hip.

Yeah, I used “axe” as a dog whistle to all my racist friends, you simple twit.

[My reply after thinking about that last remark for a couple of second, and feeling somewhat embarrassed for losing my head.]

Sorry about the twit remark. But sooner or later it ALWAYS comes down to this: How can you tell when a conservative is winning an argument with a liberal? The liberal calls the conservative a racist. And, oh, by the way, there are 5 A’s in RAAAAACIST, because liberals pronounce it with a whiney tone of voice, just before they run away and hide.

 [Bryan’s counter]

 Wrong – you know you’re winning when the other side resorts to name calling. 

 [My reply—okay, now I was really pissed!]

 Ohhhhhh, so as long as you didn’t explicitly call me a racist, you didn’t “call me a name”? I’d suggest to you that calling someone a racist in this day and age is about as dastardly a name as you could call them. I wonder if you would have the guts to say it to my face?

 Here I am, just minding my own business, having a heated and fun discussion, and you feel the need to open your big mouth and condemn me. I don’t know you, never met you, and certainly didn’t deserve your unprovoked PERSONAL attack. You deserved
everything you got back, and then some. Now I’d suggest that you just ST*U and let it die.

 [Bob chimes in]

 Ah, this Yahoo Group has claimed another casualty – civility. Bob

 [My final reply to Bob]

 What is the “civil” way to call another a racist?

42 responses to “Liberal lawyers are just as nasty as liberals in general

  1. “..Ah, this Yahoo Group has claimed another casualty – civility. Bob…”

    Spoken like a member of the 99th percentile we discussed yesterday…


  2. Wow, why would you post this? It just makes you look like a douche bag for the whole internet to see. I’m a conservative and I’d be embarrassed at showing myself losing my head and being such a douche bag like you were. Honestly take this post down, you’re just making us look bad.

    Calling all the “lefties” freaks is intellectually lazy and doesn’t prove anything. Why don’t you talk about fiscal policy or something at least remotely intelligent? You’re just as bad as the liberals- spouting stupid crap just to argue for arguments sake.

    Later douche!

  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    The preceding brought to you by the chairman of the local chapter of “Stupid Neutered F*ckwads of America”.

    Smash Mouth Politics does not approve of or condone this message, and suggest you take it with the grain of sand which epitomizes the limited thinking of its writer.

    Thank you for your time.

    (PSA Coordinator, Smash Mouth Politics)

  4. Dear gurrls and guyes…fer the uninitiated here [like my ownself]…I would appreciate an inkling, as to whom we are addressing with respect to unsigned posts, here…

    Might we assume [which makes an arse out of [u] and [me] that…] the [east coast] purveyor of such written posts are… JD’s distorted views of politics and opinion… unless otherwise signed or indicated…?

    Some of us oldsters… require help with our feeding and wiping…

    OH…and before I ferget…which won’t be long…thanks fer yer indulgence…!

  5. Sorry Gramps. I sometimes post, but forget to put my John Hancock on the bottom. I’ll try to do better from now on. 😉

    • An unsigned order; Sir… bears no requirement for action…just as an unspoken command will never be followed…

      I shall require greater attention to detail and very specific directions in the future…tmgg

      Are we on the same page…trooper?

  6. “Distorted views?” Perverted, mebbe. Not distorted.

    LTB is the West Coast Affiliate. TMG is the Southern Affiliate. And I am the Virginia By the Grace of God affiliate, better known as the East Coast Affiliate. Frankie is supposed to be the Blue Ridge Mts Affiliate, but he has been conspicuously absent of late. Rumor has it that he is finally gainfully employed again and has no time for childs’ play…

  7. Yer on it JD…

    I should not have used distorted… might you accept the adjective, opinionated…?

    Hey, I’m kissin’ arse here, to become the Midwest, correspondent

    I’m fully aware affiliate would be totally beyond the pale

    Gramps sends best regards…!

  8. Gramps, you are always welcome here. I in fact enjoy it more when someone posts something with which I disagree–so long as they don’t just hit and run, or spout off opinions wholly unhinged from any facts to back them up.

    Assuming that you are serious, I will officially send out an invite to make you the Midwest Affiliate.

    And, without too much detail, WHERE in the midwest? I’m originally from Michigan.

  9. Lipton T. Bagg


    As you are aware, I typically sign my posts. I forget from time to time but my writing style differs substantially from Johns, so it’s usually east enough to tell who is responsible…

    (West Coast Affiliate and Associate Troublemaker)

  10. Lipton T. Bagg

    Sorry above should have been “easY enough..”

    Yes, I will have another Scotch, please…

    (Unpaid Endorser of Bowmore Islay Scotch)

  11. … Assuming that you are serious, I will officially send out an invite to make you the Midwest Affiliate…And, without too much detail, WHERE in the midwest? I’m originally from Michigan.

    Thanks JD…I’m very serious… I blog as Gramps…
    I’m not certain I deserve the status of Midwest Affiliate…as a friendly member of the opposition, I’d be more comfortable with the title of … Midwest Correspondent…if you would allow me… my humble druthers’…?


  12. Blogging at Smash Mouth is like banging the local whore. MAny aspire to, but it is nothing to brag about, because almost anybody can get in. 😉

  13. JD, you’re too kind. 😉

  14. I set the standards around here. Keep ’em low, and let the great bloggers show…

  15. Obviously…this sorry, arse, MFKER falls, way, far, short…

    Let… no trooper on that or this day, say I fell short…

    I locked me knees on every step and dug my damn heels in…

    Ahh…oooH…100 meters is damn long way too run into fire…gut shot!


  16. ANY articles about your prior service will be greatly appreciated, mon ami.

  17. OK, it was only ten meters, the jungle you know…?

    A213, A232, A234, PD2…and beyond as they say… where…?

    Check with Steve Sherman…

    USSF, Vietnam1962-1966 and civilian ner-do-well…jerkbah…later!

  18. Mon apologies JD…
    Steve’s digs can be viewed and/or purchased here…

    Insert my A-Team numbers as I have published above to view our rosters…!


  19. Yeh can run but you cain’t hide…

    Craig had to aim 6ft high and 20ins to the left…

    Now gentlemen…that’s what I call…

    Kayntuck, windage and Tennessee, elevation…!


  20. Gramps, check yer email. I sent you an invitation….

  21. You gotta know a lotta shit to make a series of shots like that. Besides the ballistics of the caliber you’re shooting, you gotta know some serious geometry…you know… math. Plus you also have to know the idiosynchrocys of your particular weapon, whether it shoots a little high or low, or a smidge to the right or left. A lot of things to consider, plus don’t forget to breathe. 😉

  22. I shot a buck at 100 yards. Does that count?

  23. Open sights or scope?…either way, that’s a pretty good shot.

  24. knife

  25. This is one heavy Mother and so is the ammo…

  26. This was used in the early days in Nam…

    When I resided on their turf gents…

    I donnoe what, GySgt Hedgecock, the jarhead sniper handled very well..!

    The M82 and 107 came into vogue long after my departure.

  27. Yeah – it’s a militarized round borne of the Winchester .338 Magnum. Damn thing’s a literal big game round. Twice the weight of a 7.62/.308 Winchester – flatter trajectery – even flatter than the venerable 30/06. And kills with 30/06s at a mile were once commonplace.

    It’s a slick piece – much more elegent than the older M40s we lugged through school at Ft. Bragg (which were worked over Remington 700s). Accurate makes some wicked-azz weaponry…


  28. I kinda like the 30.06. Hit sumpin wiff it, say a buck in the ass, and it blows a HUNK of meat off what you are trying to kill (he said from personal experience). I’m not a big fan of the modern move towards smaller, faster rounds.

  29. Here’s the rifle I originally trained with – until we started working with the (then) XM-40 variant. And of course the Army being the Army, couldn’t accept Jarhead weapon (damn good tho it was) and later adapted the M-24s. Which of course is practically the same fking rifle – but that IS the way of military procurement – the $600 toilet seat and so on…

    Gramps should look fondly on this baby. It was like carrying a fat woman on your shoulder. I never hurt so badly as after 5 mile runs carrying this beast – but when you hit something with it, your target god-damn sure stayed down.

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