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Larry Elder on Collectivism

Larry Elder is one of my favorite reads. The guy is a genuinely nice person (having met him a few times here in L.A.) and really gets it. He wrote a great article I’ve been dying to quote for a few days, so finally, here it is. Oh by the way, not that it matters to me, but he’s a black conservative. I wonder if any Fiberals have tried to tell him they believe that to be an oxymoron??!!!

Please take a few moments and read the entire post at Larry’s site.

“I’m not exaggerating,” said President Barack Obama. “Leaders of the Republican Party … called the passage of (the health-care reform bill) ‘Armageddon.’ Armageddon! ‘End of freedom as we know it.’ So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there were any asteroids falling or some cracks opening up in the earth. Turned out it was a nice day. Birds were chirping. Folks were strolling down the Mall.”

Post-Obamacare the sun indeed rose in the east, Denny’s remained open, and California stayed attached to the mainland. Therefore, according to Obama, Obamacare opponents engaged in baseless fear-mongering. This is an interesting definition of success: Government tax-spend-spread-the-wealth works if, come morning, our cars start.

The corrosion caused by the relentless expansion of the welfare state doesn’t work that way. The costs are harder to see, the damage more difficult to discern – especially given our leftist media/commentary class, which doesn’t know Milton Friedman from Milton Berle.


Collectivism is a bargain that most people – if they knew the real price tag – would reject. These trade-offs include lower productivity, diminished initiative, fewer jobs, rewarding reckless behavior and poor choices, a lower-than-otherwise standard of living, less economic freedom, greater government dependency, and fewer resources to spend on national security and to secure our borders.

By that definition, then, yes, Armageddon is already here.

I Am Sick and Tired…

This may be the only time in recorded history I will ever agree with, or quote in a positive light, Hillary Clinton.  What’s a damn shame is she’s right – but just about the wrong “regime”.

All who hear MY voice:  Remember her words well the next time a “Fiberal” approaches you about being a “Tea Bagger”…

“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

Mickey Kaus for Senator (?)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?  A journalist from Slate who makes some sense? I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with him on most issues, but that is better than disagreeing with Barbara Boxer on every issue…

McCain to Crist: Just say no

Okay, you 2 or 3 people in the world who read this blog.  You know how opinionated I am.  I’m a freaking self-proclaimed know-it-all.  But I’m as confused as Gramps after his third bottle of MD20-20 when it comes to this issue:  Is McCain doing the right thing? 

McCain was asked if  he would support Crist if he will support Crist as an Independent, McCain told The Hill, “No.” 

I was all set to glom all over McCain’s response as evidence that he isn’t totally brain dead, but then I got to thinking…

I remember when Lieberman ran as an independent. I applauded him beating that liberal p.o.s. that he ran against.   Here I am, I call myself an independent.  I only support the Republicans when they are right.  [Sure, they are right most of the time, or to be more accurate, they are somewhat less full of shit than the Democrats most of the time.]  

But is McCain just being a mindless partisan?  If the shoe were on the other foot, if polls showed Rubio was going to win if he ran as an independent, I’d support him.  Oh, yeah, that already happened in New York, and I supported the conservative independent.  See “Doug Hoffman is a closeted gay who gets off on torturing puppies.”

Oh, thank you 8 lb. 12 oz. Baby Jesus for letting me figure out the truth!  I have found my answer.  McCain is just another mindless partisan.  I thought for a moment that he was being prudent, but no, he is just the political hack that I always thought him to be.  That is all. Resume mindless surfing the internet looking for porn, while hiding it from your significant other…

Clinton Ordered Waco Massacre – Dick Morris

Recently, there has been much made by Fiberals regarding the Tea Party movement, and a direct correlation made between the Tea Party movement and violence.

Boy will this mess them up…

Dick Morris says at his website that it was Slick Willie himself who gave the OK for Janet Reno to invade the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. Clinton was so ashamed of the botched outcome, that he was intended to NOT give Reno a second 4-year term as Attorney General.  Morris reports that Reno confronted Clinton, and threatened to publicize the truth about Waco and who actually pushed the button if not re-appointed.  We all know how that turned out.

Seems President Clinton better do some self-examination regarding cause and effect of violence in the United States. Last I looked, no Tea Party group has been accused of invading and killing woman and children.

Fettuccine alfredo

I am the family cook.  I love it.  And it allows me to avoid doing dishes.  And I blog about my interests.  So here is my favorite recipe for fettuccine alfredo.  It’s so easy, and my family and I love it.  I believe I swiped it from the Richmond Times-Dispatch many moons ago.   I recommend drinking a nice Italian chianti while you cook it.  Or a cold beer will do. 😉 Continue reading

Liberal lawyers are just as nasty as liberals in general

Whoda thunkit? 

The following is an exchange amongst me and other liberal lawyers on an invitation only yahoo chat site for plaintiff’s lawyers from Virginia.  I’m the only hot-headed conservative. There is one other guy who is the George Will intellectual type conservative. The rest are to varying degrees all flaming liberals.  I got personally attacked without provocation in two days by three of them [I left out one unprovoked attack].  Many read the exchanges but few chime in.  The purpose is solely to discuss politics.  Bob and I are two of the biggest contributors, and I’ve  never had a problem with him.  I guess I would like advice on whether I was in the wrong, or confirmation that I’m an asshole not an asshole. 

  [An unsolicited personal comment directed at me by Tammy a couple of days ago]

Although my friends and family will tell you I have no shortage of opinions,  Marty, and can curse like a sailor when the situation calls for it, I’m staying out of this one and admiring the cool and calm way others are rebutting your argument. However, FWIW, your language and your style of discussion have surprised and saddened me and, in my opinion, do you no good in this debate.
You may well have a point to be made, but the nasty, dismissive tone and foul language with which you reply to everyone who doesn’t agree with you does you far more harm than good. 

[My reply to Tammy]

Spare me the lectures. You do not have to read what I say, and you certainly don’t have to reply. I don’t criticize your snarky replies. It is your style, I have mine. Let’s face it; we’ll never be drinking buddies. I can live with that. Continue reading

Robin of Berkeley gets it

There is  hope for the world when a Berkeley radical leftist comes to her senses and embraces (portions at least) of conservativism.  Her latest article, “Was Jesus a Marxist” just warmed my heart.

Smitty (almost) hits one out of the park

Must see video found by our “The Other McCain” Rule 5 Commander in Chief.  Speaking of Rule 5…

Mistakes I see at the cash Hold ’em table

I’ve been on a run lately and am feeling cocky, so I thought I’d share some mistakes I’ve seen recently.

The biggest mistake I see is people playing too tight, and then over-playing big pocket pairs.  I don’t play too tight, though I still sometimes over-play big pairs.  We have a couple of guys who are famous for playing too tight.  We even joke about them only playing 5 hands per night. 

Playing too tight virtually guarantees that you won’t win much very often.  Somebody that hasn’t played a hand in an hour who then suddenly raises big is not going to get many callers.   When you  hear people making fire alarm noises and saying “Warning! Danger!” as you raise pre-flop, you might be playing too tightly. 

Also, the caller will know exactly what few combination of hands the raiser has (AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AKs, etc.).  The caller then knows that if the flop doesn’t hit him, he can let the hand go if there is another raise.  And the caller knows that if he does hit his hand on the flop, he will get paid off because the tight player has been sitting there for an hour waiting for that pair of aces, and he isn’t going to believe that somebody is loose enough to call his big raise with a junky hand like 10-8 off-suit. 

I had this happen twice in the last two games I played in.  Saturday night, from the big blind I called a guy’s $35 [7x the big blind] raise with 8-3 off-suit. Two or three others had previously called so the pot was pretty big.  Yeah, it was a speculative hand, but I knew he was tight and that I would cream him if I got lucky.  I checked when the flop was 3-3-9.  He then pushed all in (about $200) with his pocket jacks, and I called and my 3s held up.  He said something to the effect that he couldn’t believe I was such a dumbass that I called  his pre-flop raise with such a trashy hand.  I didn’t mention to him that I couldn’t believe that he was such a dumbass to push all in with simply an over pair.  Continue reading