Hello, I’m Kelsey Grammar – Welcome To Rightnetwork

Politico and Crooks&Liars reports that Comcast is partnering with Kelsey Grammar (of Cheers and Frasier fame) to begin Rightnetwork.  Rightnetwork is touted as an opportunity to extend some success from embedding Tea Party Express video and commentary now shown on Facebook to the newly Comcast-owned NBC.

RightNetwork delivers programming on demand that enables our audience to watch what they want, when they want.  Everything Right, at the click of a remote.  The lineup focuses on entertainment with pro-America, pro-business, pro-military sensibilities — compelling content that inspires action, invites a response, and influences the national conversation.

We’re creating a welcome place for millions and millions of Americans who’ve been looking for an entertainment network and media channel that reflects their point-of-view. Rightnetwork will be the perfect platform to entertain, inform and Connect with the American majority about what’s right in the world.

(Ed note:  Talk about shock and awe!  PMS-NBC being acquired by a Comcast!  That’s good stuff!)

Crook&Liars (pot, meet kettle – black!?  Just saying…) of course pans it with all kinds of superlatives and obscenities, which means it must be a good idea!

It’s the fear people – Liberals fear truth.  They fear facts, and perspective that’s not contrived and historically modified like a Hollywood script.  How I love the smell of scared Liberals in the morning!

(Not really, but it is poetic!)


2 responses to “Hello, I’m Kelsey Grammar – Welcome To Rightnetwork

  1. What does a scared liberal smell like? Unbathed, patchouli mixed with pot, meets shit in their pants?

  2. A little like that – with a hint of meth and SF Bathhouse thrown in…

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