Candle trick

You can never have enough tricks up your sleave when out on a boring date.

5 responses to “Candle trick

  1. That’s very, very cool gents!

    What’s actually happenin’ is…the flammable gas molecules in the wisp of smoke you see in the video is composed of the same combustible materials, that make up the candle’s wax…thusly fire and brimstone…!

    Now I’m well aware that; my sometimes…inane and juvenile comments, that I post here… may have aroused suspicions in yer mind’s, [I use that term loosely]…that I’m kinda loosey goosey…?

    Actually I’m something of a geek… never wouldda guessed it…huh…?

    Here’s a candle challenge fer yeh…!


  2. Oh, Gramps, I have plenty of buddies like you. Nice, would give the shirts off their backs to you, just don’t axe them their idiotic opinions about politics. I can handle that.

    The candle trick looks neat, but did y ou read the comments? Sounds like some think it is a trick…

  3. You’ll never, ever know unless yah, try it JD…

    Gramps sends all the very, very best….!

  4. Gosh JD…I actually said I’d give yah my last, shirt…?

    Damn…that musta been a really, very, weak moment or maybe I’d been into that damn, Ruskie Wodka, again…?

    I gotta be more careful what kinda horse pucky I post here…!

    Thanks, just the same…

  5. Can I have the Che Guevara one? All yer “Reefer Madness” ones have pot seed burns on them…

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