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Candle trick

You can never have enough tricks up your sleave when out on a boring date.

Slick Willy re-writes history; NYTs complicit

From the nations’ favorite birdcage liner, Bubba writes about the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing

…”Finally, we should never forget what drove the bombers, and how they justified their actions to themselves. They took to the ultimate extreme an idea advocated in the months and years before the bombing by an increasingly vocal minority: the belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government, and that public servants do not protect our freedoms, but abuse them. On that April 19, the second anniversary of the assault of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, deeply alienated and disconnected Americans decided murder was a blow for liberty.” 

Who was responsible for killing those poor souls at Waco, Bubba?  The buck stops…at Janet Reno!  Anybody but Bubba!  And what about those citizens murdered at Ruby Ridge?  Anybody but Bubba!  Acts that YOU were responsible is what “drove the bombers” to commit murder.  It wasn’t talk, it wasn’t the idea that the Government is too powerful, it was the murder of innocent women and children by the government that “drove” them.

…”Criticism is part of the lifeblood of democracy. No one is right all the time. But we should remember that there is a big difference between criticizing a policy or a politician and demonizing the government that guarantees our freedoms and the public servants who enforce our laws.”

Wrong again, Bubba!  The “government” doesn’t “guarantee our freedoms.”  Guns and guts guarantee our freedoms. The reason despicable creeps like you shy away from taking our freedoms is fear.  Fear of what will happen when you try.  Fear of an armed and dangerous citizenry, many of whom have not turned into little sheeple, willing to allow you to whittle our freedoms down to nothing. 

Do I agree with McVeigh, or the guy who flew the plane into the IRS building? Of course not.   If we come to the point where despots need to be killed, don’t pick on those just doing their job.  If you are gonna kill the tyrants, KILL THE TYRANTS, not innocent worker bees. 

And it is perfectly fine to demonize those in government who are willing accomplices.  I, personally, want the government workers to fear us.  We may not kill you, but  you damn sure better remember that you work for us.  If you forget, damn right we will demonize you. 

Ben Smith – Race-Baiting Jackhole

Courtesy of Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:

It’s a damn shame that quasi-journalists such as Ben Smith have to fabricate smear pieces on one of the seemingly decent politicians we have in the system.  But as you are aware, Libs believe they have license to label anything Conservative tantamount to racism, homophobia, war, blah blah blah.  And we also know a Liberal wonk never lets a small detail (such as facts) be an impediment to writing a hit piece.

Another case of a journalist not being satisfied with accurately reporting the news, but rather, trying to himself be the news.  I refuse to link the guy and give him hits, so read it below or find it on Google…

Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter gave a shout-out to the old South in his address to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans earlier this month.

“It’s been a pleasure to be in your presence, of the the Republicans of the South, who will help us all rise again,” McCottter said, concluding his speech. “Build the party, trust the people, save the country.”

“The South Will Rise Again” is a slogan associated with the Lost Cause of the Confederacy, controversial enough to have led the University of Mississippi last year to discourage sports fans from chanting it.

-LTB (Resident hater of race-baiting liberal f*cks everywhere)

Hello, I’m Kelsey Grammar – Welcome To Rightnetwork

Politico and Crooks&Liars reports that Comcast is partnering with Kelsey Grammar (of Cheers and Frasier fame) to begin Rightnetwork.  Rightnetwork is touted as an opportunity to extend some success from embedding Tea Party Express video and commentary now shown on Facebook to the newly Comcast-owned NBC.

RightNetwork delivers programming on demand that enables our audience to watch what they want, when they want.  Everything Right, at the click of a remote.  The lineup focuses on entertainment with pro-America, pro-business, pro-military sensibilities — compelling content that inspires action, invites a response, and influences the national conversation.

We’re creating a welcome place for millions and millions of Americans who’ve been looking for an entertainment network and media channel that reflects their point-of-view. Rightnetwork will be the perfect platform to entertain, inform and Connect with the American majority about what’s right in the world.

(Ed note:  Talk about shock and awe!  PMS-NBC being acquired by a Comcast!  That’s good stuff!)

Crook&Liars (pot, meet kettle – black!?  Just saying…) of course pans it with all kinds of superlatives and obscenities, which means it must be a good idea!

It’s the fear people – Liberals fear truth.  They fear facts, and perspective that’s not contrived and historically modified like a Hollywood script.  How I love the smell of scared Liberals in the morning!

(Not really, but it is poetic!)