What is your favorite beer?

Gramps got me thinking about the topic.   I’ll admit it–I don’t have one.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is probably the closest I have to one.  Sometimes it depends on where I am and what I am doing.  In Canada, I gotta have LaBatts Blue.  Reminds me of old times.  In the Bahamas, Carib was the best beer evah!  Playing poker, while I can’t usually stand lite beer, Coronna Lite with a wedge of lime ain’t half bad.  When I’m feeling particularly manly, I love “Hop Pockets.”  Bells Ale out of Kalamazoo Michigan is great when you can find it.

One last confession.  I am a beer snob.  I can barely tolerate the regular beers such as Bud, Miller and Coors.  Only drink them if they are the only beer in town.  Oh, yeah, and for a cheap buzz, I highly recommend “Steele Reserve.”  Taste pretty good, but kicks like a mule, so watch yourself…

John Doe

20 responses to “What is your favorite beer?

  1. Well, I got spoiled after living two years in Germany. I mean 1500 breweries, each with two or more flavors. My favorite when over there was Bischoffs Pilsner. I drank Lowenbrau too, but it felt kind of weak compared to other German beers. The first German beer I drank was called Becks. I bought it our of a vending machine after reaching my base of deployment. For someone used to American beer, it tasted pretty nasty at first. 1500 breweries…man-o-man, I tried to taste ’em all. Every brewery had their own coasters. I think I had about 350 or so. You had to drink the beer to put the coaster in your collection.

    I used to be a beer snob too. When home on leave, I’d only drink Hieneken because it was closer in taste to the German beers I had become used to drinking.

    Nowadays, if it’s cold and tastes like beer, I’m prone to drink it. I do have my standards though. I refuse to drink Schaeffer’s .

  2. I used to like Becks, Lowenbrau and Heinie. Now they seem too bland. Almost like Bud and Miller. I go for a bolder taste, something to chew on. Mebbe my taste buds are seared?

  3. I was never a fan of Becks, it was just the first German beer I tasted.

  4. Hit the wrong button…to continue…The only good thing about Lowenbrau was watching the big Lion on top of their tent at Octobrefest in Munich rub his tummy, roar and raise his mug every time they tapped another keg. That friggin lion must’ve had “tennis elbow” because it was always raising it’s mug. Go into a beer tent, listen to the polka music and watch the frauliens carry those large mugs of beer, several in each hand around to the tables.

    Then of course, there’s the Wine Fest in Bad Durkiem. Was there for the 1200th year anniversary. Beer and wine plus several flavors of Schnaups. Talk about “F^@ked up as a football bat”, I was one messed up individual.

  5. Well, I don’t drink nearly as much (of anything) as I used to, but I do have a few favorites. If I am going to buy beer for home consumption, Bass Ale. Not bad in a Restaurant on tap either.

    US Local brews, I love Anchor Steam – especially with a Clam Chowder in Sourdough bowl in the Bay area. New Orleans – Abita Turbo Dog goes great with Mud Bugs.

    But I dearly love a Murphy’s Stout on Tap. A bit lighter than Guinness, but one or two will top you off. Never been to Ireland, but drank it in England, Wales and Scotland. Bottled sucks. Tap only.

  6. Second the Murphy’s Stout on tap. Only had it at one place, local Irish pub that I haven’t frequented in years. But it is fine. Only had Anchor Steam in bottles, and wasn’t impressed. I know it gets rave reviews…

  7. Hello, my name is Lipton T. Bagg, and I am an unrepentant beer whore.

    I’ve been a beer whore since 1979, when I first set foot on W. German soil. And admittedly, there is no recovery in sight.

    On that day, several new friends took this yound soldier from the barracks of 21st Replacement Bn. to a local gasthaus, offering him a semi-fatal combination of JagerPils, Wurzburger Hofbrau and (for the first time in his life) a tasty concoction called Jagermeister.

    It was a long night, but a longer next day. And from that time on, I’ve been a beer whore.

    My favorite beer of all time is from Kloster Kreuburg – a famous brewery in the Rhon mountains (oh, BTW near Wildflecken and Grafenwohr – ground troops in Germany have these sites burned in their minds forever). Kreuzburg beer was once named the finest beer in the world by Playboy – and sadly is not available for import into the United States. It’s but by the grace of God I am even here today inasmuch as there were so many times I remember the ride up the mountain, and not the ride back.

    Here in the U.S., I routinely drink Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and Blue Moon. When I feel frisky, I dial up to Arrogant Bastard, Dead Guy Ale or Pliny the Elder (find it, try it – it’s almost religious!)

    I also brew my own beer, about 40 or 50 gallons a year. I do a pretty decent hefeweizen, and an excellent Canadian Pils – something in the line of Labatt’s but with about 2% more alcohol. I also do an Anchor Steam type beer a couple times a year.

    And another Octoberfest story to share. Having served two tours in Deutchland I attended more than a few Octoberfests in different cities. In 1985, I attended the Octoberfest in Stuttgart (as a close friend was stationed in the hospital there). He and I (with our wives) consumed far too much Stuttgart Hofbrau and Franken wine that evening, culminating in the creation of our first born on my friends hide-a-bed couch.

    Hell, it’s not a beer coaster, but…..

  8. The name Tom White brings back more than a few memories.

    I served under (then) LTC./Col. Tom White at the 11th ACR (BLACKHORSE, SIR!) Downs Barracks, Fulda. We were the unit which manned OP Alpha – the middle and maybe most famous OP on the “wall”.

  9. If your firstborn is a male, I’m guessing Frank. Maybe Stuart. Just a guess…

  10. Lipton T. Bagg

    Nah, Jeff. Simple, easy and a lot less fight provoking than “Lipton”.

  11. That was our initiation for newbys, too. Take them to the local Gasthaus and just get ’em plastered. See how much they could drink before either passing out or puking.

    Ah yes…Jaegermiester, Ansbach, and my favorite, Ouzo. That stuff had a touch of Opium in it, I think. If you drank too much of it, you’d “see stuff”.

    The only time I went to Octoberfest was in Munich. We were on our way to Italy to see the Shroud in Turin. On the way, we stopped in Fusan on the Austrian border where one of our buddy’s family owned a Gasthaus. In the morning, we could look up this long mountain valley and see this castle on the side of the mountain. It supposedly was the castle Walt Disney designed the castle in Fantasia after.

    • MrGuy:

      The castle you saw was Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built by Ludwig II (I believe), in the 1700s. Disney saw the castle as part of a European trip and used it (along with the Notre Dame) to construct Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

  12. Enlisted. US Navy. Nuclear propulsion. I was floating around in the 70’s. My beer palate was far less mature then. It took several trips to the UK to teach me.

    Now, my UK pals all drink Bud. It’s imported!


  13. Tom, welcome! Where you at in VA? I’m guessing out near the naval bases…

  14. Lipton T. Bagg

    Further proof that any taste in the UK is not associated with their mouths. As if the food wasn’t proof enough….

    (Writing this knowing my relatives in the UK will read it…HAHA!)

  15. I knew that back then, 1978, but I’ve slept since then. 😉 I just know it was something to see first thing on a Sunday morning. That, and watching a young lady walking back up the street with a basket of fresh bread on her arm.

  16. I am in the Richmond area. Strangely, with Richmond being home, I was never stationed in Tidewater.

  17. Spent some time in the late 80’s dry-docked at some piss-little port across from the Waterside Mall in VA…there used to be a deli on the downstairs portion (all food court as well) and they had the LARGEST list of imported beer I have ever seen. I would walk over nightly, grab me some oysters on the half and a couple Buds, enjoy them then go sit at the counter of this deli.

    I would start each night where I left off the night before. Really eclectic selections of many I don’t remember…but I would always leave hammered and staggering thru downtown Norfolk (which today, might get you killed) back to the ship.

    I went back to the Waterside Mall 3 years ago…nothing is there but some scank nightclub…no food, no people, no deli…damn, I miss those times…Oh yeah, they also had Snoopy Fries and a Fudge Factory, complete with singing and dancing employees…yep, I miss those good times….

  18. Tom, I’ve been near Richmond (Montpelier, Innsbrook) for the past 23 years.

    How long have you had your blog?

  19. San Miguel, the filipino brewed version rather than the spanish. Tasty.

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