Radicals caught on tape infiltrating the Richmond, Va Tea Party

Must see 2 minute video from The Richmond Times-Dispatch.  No wonder liberals hate them so much!   What would The Founding Fathers do?

2 responses to “Radicals caught on tape infiltrating the Richmond, Va Tea Party

  1. What is stupid about the article is this line:

    “At some tea-party events, demonstrators have hurled racial slurs and waved insulting signs at Democratic lawmakers.”

    The charge is vague, but it suggests more than any evidence can show. Amongst the millions rallying at Tea Parties, I suppose there are few people yelling racial slurs — under their breath. So? The rest of the crowd won’t put up with such nonsense.

    As for insulting signs — why shouldn’t we be able to complain when the Democrats in Congress are spending more money than we have? We want them out, and they have given us no reason to halfhearted in our determination. If the incompetent clowns consider that an insult, who cares?

  2. In the few Tea Parties I’ve been to, I’ve not seen any evidence of racial or ethnic slurs. All I’ve seen and heard is people peacefully protesting the way government is going. At one Tea Party, we had an expatriated Cuban who spoke against the current administration’s policies and explained how these policies were pushing us towards socialism/communism. Who better to tell us where our government is headed than a person who has seen it first hand.

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