John Doe didn’t catch any fish…

I rarely do, but I tried.  Carp.  With corn.  I don’t eat them, but man of man, if  you get one on a light rot with 4-6 lb. test, you have a great fight on your hands!

John Doe, pondering the meaning of life. Wishing he had a beer...

7 responses to “John Doe didn’t catch any fish…

  1. Using the wrong bait JD. Carp are like liberals, you gotta use stink bait to catch them.

  2. I’ve caught em before with corn. But I’m ready to try something different. Got any tips?

  3. Aren’t carp bottom feeders, kind of like certain typre of catfish? If so, stink bait is a good option. I’m not a fishing expert by any means so YMMV


  4. OT…I started my own blog and I can use all the tips you all can give me.

  5. Start off by reading

    Write about what you love. Don’t be a parrot.

    Link to other blogs that you enjoy.

    Post lots of pictures of scantily clad women. While yer asleep, men are prowling the internet looking at hot babes. 😉

  6. Lipton T. Bagg

    One more thing – write ferociously and be prepared to back up your opinion. Sheep are eaten by wolves….

  7. That was a fun day.

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