Banned from drinking nationwide due to “loutish behavior”

Judging by the number of louts that they have in England and Wales, this gal must really take loutishness to a whole new level.  Hell, come on over to Virginia.  We don’t ban people just due to loutish behavior, we elect them as high levels in the Democratic Party!

6 responses to “Banned from drinking nationwide due to “loutish behavior”

  1. Obviously Great Britain is more liberal in their drinking laws than we are here. Notice that the young lady in question is only 20 yrs old. The young lady also must not have any “good” friends either. If she did, her friends would have counseled her on her drinking habits.

    Just a thought

  2. That’s interesting…

    I was always under the impression the Brits, luved both their ale and their mums’ with great bums’…

    I’ll betcha Laura Hill would be big hit with that creep quarterback from Rush’s favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers’…?

  3. Talkin’ about good beer…this stuff will put some lead in yer pencil…if yah actually need any…?

    Pencil lead, that is….!

  4. Pittsburgh has to be feeling pain. Their franchise QB is a lout, and probably a criminal. It’s easy for us to say that they should cut him, but it will cost them millions, and lose them their best player.

  5. Yes, just another athlete who thinks the rules don’t apply to them, much like most of our politicians today.

  6. I was interested in the Tactical Nuke until I read reviews. Most said it tasted and drank more like scotch than beer. I used to enjoy “Old Nick” barley wine ale on a cold winter afternoon, but that is about the most alcohol that I care to have in my beer. Sadly, they stopped making it.

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