Mr. Obama, let me say this gently – F*CK YOU!

Really people, WTF is Obama smoking?

At the end of the recent nuclear (yawn) summit, Mr. Obama left the planet scratching its collective head with this grand non sequitur:

“It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them,” Obama said. “And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.”

The truly sad aspect of this is, in his mind, he was NOT kidding. Obama did not mean this as parody, nor a misspeak. (BTW: A non sequitur is a conversational and literary device, often used for comedic purposes. It is a comment which, due to its apparent lack of meaning relative to what it follows, seems absurd to the point of being humorous or confusing – Wikipedia).  It’s clear from the preponderance of the evidence this was not in fact a non sequitur. Mr. Obama really believes American exceptionalism a crutch; a disease; something upon which we should wring our hands and moan until we are rid of it.

What this really is?  A dadaist pronunciation.  The public pronouncement of his anti-American leanings.  His guard was let down, and his hated for all things United States has been placed on exhibit to the entire world.

Mr. Obama, let me say this gently – F*CK YOU!

Beginning today, I vow to never refer to Mr. Obama as POTUS again -except to announce his defeat and expulsion from office.  I have fought and nearly given my life for defense of that office, and I hold it in higher regard than he does.  Mr. Obama does not deserve the chair he sits in, and I vow to not disgrace it again my referencing The Office and the man (capitalization intentional) together again.

People, we need to get this guy outta Washington!

-LTB  (Signature placed to appease reader “Bob Dole”).

7 responses to “Mr. Obama, let me say this gently – F*CK YOU!

  1. Wait. Back up. Hang on. Just a second. Obama says that he wants to promote peace because he doesn’t want to lose American lives or American money in unnecessary conflicts that America would inevitably get pulled into, and that makes him anti-American?

    What’s the alternative, would his approach be more acceptable if he WELCOMED the fact that America gets involved in costly international conflicts by virtue of its power and alliances?

  2. Not what he said “Bob”. Read the speech.

    Nice try, but you win no cookie.

  3. It’s a fairly direct paraphrase of the passage that John is taking issue with. I don’t see what’s anti-American about it.

    Apart of course from the fact that it was said by the socialist communist neo-nazi muslim Hussein etc etc etc, but beyond those hollow platitudes, whats anti-American about not wanting to lose American lives and money fighting in foreign conflicts?

    Oh, and you can stop putting my name in inverted commas. You’re the one writing under an alias, not me.

  4. Lipton T. Bagg

    Well “Bob”:

    First, I wrote the post, so it is I who takes issue with the comment. I will guess John shares the same feelings, but we shall see. To make that distinction, I shall add my usual signature to the post.

    Who in the United States would not approve of our position as a standing “superpower”?

    It is precisely because of this standing that “…when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them…”

    Now “Bob”, I am on record as acknowledging that I have not always approved of the conflicts the U.S. has involved itself in. I am also on record as saying we have a remarkably poor recent history of handling these conflicts well. And there few more qualified to speak on the senseless loss of American military lives than I am – having lived that loss on far too many levels.

    That said, it is ASININE for the sitting United States President – and I don’t care who he (or someday she) is to relegate our world position to “like it or not”. It’s condescending and damn foolish. But in Mr. Obama’s case, it tips his hand and exposes one of the worst kept secrets in American politics today. Mr. Obama hates the U.S. as she is today.

    When a President speaks, his words are not only his own, they are supposed to carry the weight of the American people. Those words are supposed to be speaking for us, about us, at our behest. So it’s not simple platitude, what he says has teeth globally. Or in this case, his words have had the dentures removed.

    With this sort of word-smithing, Mr. Obama invites a greater risk of attack, because he removes the vision of our strength-which serves as a deterrence. Our citizens and allies abroad become at greater risk to attack and persecution. The perceived weakness in our resolve in turn weakens the resolve of our allies to stand with us in the right-minded missions we carry on. (not to say, once again, they’ve all been right-minded)

    Mr. Obama simply despises the country he was elected to lead. He has a radical vision of what he believes it should be – a state-controlled Fascist country, and want to remake it in his own vision. This is why the comments are not simple in themselves – they are a part of a greater sum.

    And THAT is why I have a problem with what Mr. Obama said. Because it’s right in-line with his “Pussification of America” doctrine.

  5. Wow. You REALLY have no idea about how America’s perceived abroad, do you.

    Obama talks like a measured adult instead of a schoolyard bully, and all you can think is “Oh my God, everyone will think we’re not prepared to step on them anymore”.

    Seriously, when you guys talk about Obama, with your fascist this and radical that, I just end up wondering if you’re talking about the same guy. The such a gaping chasm between the terms you’re using and the reality of the situation you end up sounding like a bunch of flapping hysterics. Obama’s left-of-centre. I can see how from your extreme-far-right perch that looks WAY left, but you really ought to hit some history books and find out what radical leftists are actually like.

  6. Lipton T. Bagg

    Actually “Bob” I DO know first-hand what America is perceived as overseas. I know that in certain circumstances, the criticism is warranted. In others, it’s simply hyperbole. There is also political collateral overseas to either supporting America or criticizing her.
    What you seem to not understand “Bob” is what criticism is important, and what is not.

    In relative terms of America, Mr. Obama IS far-left. Perhaps as far left as Woodrow Wilson 70 years ago. He certainly uses the same stifling tactics Wlson did!

  7. Lipton, you guessed at my feelings, and while I was push mowing my yard I figured them out. They are a little more nuanced than your post, but very similar. (Imagine John Doe being more “nuanced” than anybody!)

    I think his words were sort of a “reverse dog whistle” to us conservatives. We KNOW what the hell he meant. He wasn’t trying to send a dog whistle message to us, but our attuned ears heard it and know what the fuck he meant by it. That’s why you are so pissed off–because you have finely attuned hearing.

    Nitwits and the naive (Bob, you listening?) take him at face value and say, “Oh, isn’t it nice to have a non-cowboy in the oval orifice?” We know he hates America the way it is, and that he still sees himself as the MauMau In Chief who is out to stick it to “The Man” and convert America into some third world hell-hole.

    But just based on what he said, it isn’t proof that would hold up in court. He has plausible deniability. I don’t think he was reading from his teleprompter. He can say it was just a slip of the tongue, he didn’t really mean it, blah blah blah. But you know, and I know, it was a glimpse into his soul. As was the “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of America” statement was a glimpse into Michelle’s soul.

    So Lipton, I agree with you, I’m filing it away with all the other anti-American statements that he has made, and I am satisfied the mother F’er is a communist bastard who hates America. But I am not going to make too much of this particular statement. The Bob Doles of the world will not go as far as you go based on this one statement. But keep it filed away, some day the stupid fuc#ers out there will catch on, too.

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