It’s time to infiltrate the liberal protesters

With all this talk about democrats infiltrating the tea party in order to make them look racist, white and stupid, it got me thinking.  My first impulse is always to go on the offensive.  So why not fight back, fighting fire with fire?  Why not have normal, sane, employed hard-working decent people infiltrate the hippie anti-war, green, pervert infested and just plain strange protesters on the left?

Here is what we are up against (from Oregonlive

“Our plan is not to shut them down,” Levin told Talking Points Memo Monday, “but to infiltrate them and push them farther from the mainstream.”

Levin said his goal is to encourage the most extreme rhetoric.  If someone says President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., Levin said his infiltrators will agree and add such things as, “Yeah, in fact he wasn’t even born on earth!”

The idea, said Levin, is that, “The lower the public opinion of them goes, the less coverage they’re going to get in the mainstream media” [emphasis added].

Gee, why didn’t we think of that?  Let’s attend some of the hippie protests to lower the public opinion of them.  Let’s attend the anarchists’ protests, and the gay pride protests, and anti-war protests, and the global alarmism protests, to make them look even more extreme than they already are.  [Some NSFW below the fold.]

UPDATE I:  Those geniuses at iOwnTheWorld had a similar idea!  I especially like the “suspending all attempts at maintaining personal hygiene for two months prior to the rally…”

Gee, how can we make Code Pink look worse?

Hmmm. Did this guy infiltrate?

Decisions, decisions…


How can we make them look worse?


How to make them look worse? Hmmm. What to do?

Gee, making the freaks on the left look worse is harder than it sounds.  Better let me get back to you when I think of a way to do it…

15 responses to “It’s time to infiltrate the liberal protesters

  1. Gents,
    I’m becomin’ a little concerned about yer priorities. Those so called libruls as you refer to ‘em are all boobs, butts and babes…!

    Oh that the Teabaggers were just a small part of that!

    You Might Be A Teabagger if…

    1] You think that a president lying about a stain on a dress is far more serious, than a president lying us into a despicable, unnecessary, war.
    2] You think the right to life ends at birth; because you’re not your less fortunate brother’s keeper, no way, no how.
    3] You complain about being taxed to death but haven’t paid taxes for years.
    4] You are part of the 47 percent of Americans that actually pay no federal income tax.
    5] You receive Social Security or SSI income from the govmint.
    6] You receive your medical insurance thru federally funded Medi Care or you use the local hospital’s emergency room.
    7] You are moderately to grossly obese by observing the shouting multitudes, gathered to complain.
    8] You are terrified of simple, preventative, health care measures, like moderate exercise.
    9] You may think you speak English, but we know you can’t write it; as evidenced by all the misspelled words on your signs and placards.
    …and finally:
    10] You don’t work for a damn, living, since today is Thursday…!

    Say it ain’t so Dave…!

  2. You need yer eyes checked Gramps. I didn’t see any “babes”, although I saw quite a few asses, jackasses that is.

    And haven’t you been listening to the news lately about the demographics of the tea party folks gramps? More educated than their liberal peers, more successful than their liberal peers, more truthful, ect, you get the gist.

    The advantage conservatives have over liberals is conservatives learned how to think for themselves. Liberals learned by rote,( that’s memorization so you don’t have to look it up), and just parrot what they were told.

  3. Gramps! Where you been? And more importantly, did they adjust yer medication!?

    Tell the truth, did you really pay income taxes? Did you STROKE A CHECK OUT OF YOUR OWN ACCOUNT?

    One year, not this one thank Gawd, I stroked a check for over fifty thousand dollars to the Fed. I am NOT rich, not even close–I’m too lazy–but one year I struck it lucky. And those M’Fers stuck it to me. You haven’t really hated the income tax until you’ve stroked a check to them for a very large sum of money. Withholdings don’t count–nobody counts that.

  4. ” Saw a Yahoo comment, “We call them Teabaggers… because they’re nuts and they’re always in our face!”


    Or maybe it was… we call Beck, Levin and Limbaugh Teabagger’s because…sing it again, all together now, one more time…

    … because they’re nuts and they’re always in our face!

    Rich, very, very rich…!

  5. I think gramps is just another brainless leftist with nothing worthwhile to contribute to either this blog or even to society for that matter. Just another troll wasting bandwidth.

  6. I want PROOF he served in Nam. ANYBODY can make the claim. I will cut him slack if it is true, but I seriously doubt it…

  7. JD wrote: “…Tell the truth, did you really pay income taxes? Did you STROKE A CHECK OUT OF YOUR OWN ACCOUNT?

    JD…I’ve been sendin’ Uncle his share ever since I made $12 bucks an hour, on a union, highway construction gang, when I was 17 years olde. That was real big money for a kid, fifty some years ago!

    The only timem I ”cut a check”, as you put it, was; when I did a job overseas and stayed less than 18 months. Yes, I must admit that was an unexpected circumstance and something of an inconvenience.

    Say hey, JD…we takes our chances…we does our job…and we pays our dues…

    So it is and so it shall ever be…!

  8. Gentlemen,
    What more proof do you require?

    I’ve previously posted for you specific orders, including my first team’s designation, A213, TDY assignment with reference to my first deployment in Vietnam in 1962.

    Would you like a roster of team members, it’s not classified, today.

    Actually… that maybe a bad idea; those names would compromise their privacy.

    You name the proof.

  9. I still have copies of my father’s discharge papers. And old photos of him from Korea. See, e.g., here…

    How about a then and now photograph? I’m not trying to be a prick, I’m really interested. But dubious. Hell, I’ll do a feature article on your exploits if you allow me.

  10. Gents…
    Yeh can check my bonifide’s, right here…!

  11. JD…this will narrow yer search…

    You do know trooper, I ain’t on yer side when it comes to makin’ WAR, no more…don’t yah…


  12. Let me throw it back to you. If you were told by somebody on line that they were Green Beret in ‘Nam, would you automatically believe them? What would you ask of them for proof, if you really cared.

    I get it about the no more war, etc. But I’d wager that if you really thought the USA or your family was in danger, you’d come around…

  13. JD…
    1] “true believer or BS’er”…NO.
    2] “country or family”…YES

    Next question, trooper?

  14. When was the first US soldier killed in Vietnam?

    President Johnson called the death of James Davis, SP4, US Army “the first American to fall in defense of our freedom in Vietnam.” Perhaps the DoD and the CIA had failed to inform him of deaths before Davis died on 22 December 1961. Perhaps the deaths of Advisers or Field Agents in 1954 until then were still classified.


  15. The few, the quiet, the best…

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