“Coming out of Cannon”

[Hope the title doesn’t get me all kinds of porno freaks.]

From Powerlineblog, A MUST read exchange between Greg Ferrell, average joe blogger, and Washington Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander.  Greg Ferrell was present at the scene where the alleged racial epitaphs were hurled at black Congressman.   At least he was there where the original lie version said that it happened.  

Portions of Greg’s zingers, and Mr. Alexander’s weak retorts:   

Greg…”The alleged racial epithets were originally said to have been yelled from the base of the steps of the Cannon Building and then when no such audio or video could be found along with zero witnesses to this allegation…it was “then” said to have occurred quite a distance away where I will also note there is no evidence to suggest that either.”

Alexander:  “With respect to the location of the alleged racial epithets, Reps. Carson and Lewis were clear from the outset. They said the incidents occurred outside the House side of the Capitol. There were other reports about epithets being issued near the Cannon Building. But in my column, I did not assert this. Rather, I dealt only with what is said to have occurred outside the U.S. Capitol on the House side. I did this because that’s where Reps. Lewis and Carson said they repeatedly heard the N-word.”

Greg:  “Yes, Reps. Carson and Lewis were clear from the outset. They originally said they were the subject of racial epithets walking “down the steps” of the Cannon Building. That story changed and you in your own response bought into the lie by stating they were clear from the outset YET IT WAS THEIR “second” story. Here is a link to the story in the Washington Times with AUDIO OF CARSON’S OWN WORDS AND HERE ARE IS THE TRANSCRIPT OF HIS “ORIGINAL STORY TO REPORTERS”

Transcript of recording:

“REPORTER: Outside of this building?

“REP. CARSON: Cannon—-coming out with John Lewis Lewis out of the elevator with his chief of staff, and it was just the three of us walking down the steps — ‘kill the bill’, ‘kill the bill’…n – word fifteen times.”


“REPORTER2: Coming out of Coming out of Cannon?

“REP. CARSON: Yeah , I expected rocks to come I mean…I’m walking with John Lewis who walked with MLK. It was bizarre, but he’s been there done that….”

Greg’s best lines: “If you read the Italics print you will notice his descriptions as coming “out” of the Cannon Building and walking “down” the steps. Please tell me you know that you don’t walk “down” the steps to return “into” the Cannon building. Otherwise you really are a lost cause.”

Ouch!  That’s gonna leave a mark.

15 responses to ““Coming out of Cannon”

  1. I think it’s unbelievable that the right-wing media is genuinely trying to claim that there isn’t a single racist in the entire tea part movement. A movement made up mostly of white American males over 45. I’m not saying they’re ALL racist, but come on, not even one? White supremacist movements like stormfront have been heartily encouraging their members to attend the protests – after all, they have a lot in common, at least in terms of fiscal politics.

    Of course, the movement leaders and everyone who stands for it are going to pull every string they can to prove that it never happened, that’s to be expected. But it’s naive to categorically deny even the possiblity that it happened.

  2. We have our own in-house racist at Smash Mouth Politics – his alias is “Bob Dole”.

    “Bob” spends his days attempting to pound our readers with his narrow minded race baiting tactics. He enjoys blathering nonsensical comments such as :

    “…I think it’s unbelievable that the right-wing media is genuinely trying to claim that there isn’t a single racist in the entire tea part movement. A movement made up mostly of white American males over 45…”

    “Bob” lemme ask you – straight up – do you really believe this horseshit? Or are you posting off a moveon-org script next to the computer in your mobile home?

    Of course there are racists in the world. Not just here, but everywhere. In many parts of Europe, Pakistanis and Indians are treated the way blacks here treated here in the mid 1900s. In the UK in recent years, it’s been Muslims (that’s changing too). In the U.S. we have slowly entered the post-black racism era. But only a fool would believe there are not still those out there how fail to believe. And yes, racism does still exist, but it’s most insidious presence isn’t in shop windows in North Carolina, it’s in Washington, Chicago and Detroit.

    The really sad fact “Bob” is there are more BLACK racists today than “WHITE” racists. So-called “Black Leaders” built an entire cottage industry – and lined their pockets, on the backs of disenfranchised blacks and the face of “Whitey”. These people don’t want to see their meal ticket disappear, so propagation of racism continues – refusing to die – and at the hands of they very people who are supposedly injured by racism today (and may have been in fact injured in decades and centuries past).

    Of course “Bob” never acknowledges several well documented pieces of slave history: That black slavery boosted by Africans themselves, who “sold” their tribal enemies to white people for their own benefits – effectively eliminating their tribe’s enemies. It’s also documented that there were more black slaves owners than white owners by the early 1860s. As one moved farther north, larger slave concentrations were replaced by more owners with fewer slaves. Of course, the farther north you went, the more black owners there were. Look it up, it’s demonstrable.

    Blacks to a great degree remain enslaved by their own leaders. Today it’s not physical enslavement, rather one of ideology. The so-called “black community” regularly votes for the party which promises it higher levels of social benefits – the larger “silver spoon”. Black culture embraces the pimp, “The Gansta”, “The Souja” (the sterotype, not the real meaning), The “Cop Killa”, the “Ho Banger” rather than the business man, the student, the teacher or the many upright people within the community. And true leaders in the black community who DO call for rejection of these “false gods” – and focus instead on pride, character, education and self-sufficiency are labeled “Uncle Tom”, or worse, by “black leaders”.

    Want to fight racial bias “Bob”? Start it in your own community, because evidence indicates that the best way to ensure the success of your future generations is unplugging them from today’s (mis) leadership within the black community.

    Old people fade away, it’s the way of things. Ideas go with them – right or wrong. My parents, born in middle America in 1910-1920 timeframe, grew up using the word “nigger” to describe anyone who was black. Neither my mom or dad were racist – neither hated a black person in their lives – but it was the way of things. They also grew up believing John Wayne when he said Marlboro was good for you, and steak and pork 7 days a week made you live longer. These ideas, proven wrong, are dying with their generation – replaced by things closer to the truth as we know it today. Racial sterotypes will to – given time – unless reborn by someone anew. Today “Bob”, that someone is not “Whitey” and you know it (or refuse to accept it).

    Want you kid to be the pimp or the Ho “Bob”? Or better, the dedicated husband/wife, loving parent, successful professional and well accomplished person you seem to damn “white folk” for wanting our kids to be? Yeah, I thought so (assuming “Bob” chooses the later). I know that’s the one I chose “Bob”, and fortunately I was blessed with just that. God is good…

    As usual, one man’s opinion. YMMV.

    ps. Regarding “Bob”s quote that it’s naive to deny the possibility that a racist comment was made by a member of the Tea Party I have the following commentary:

    It’s even more naive not to think that if it did, it was one of your own Liberals who said it.

  3. I personally do not know anybody who would say such a thing in public. I have heard a few of my poker buddies say it in private, but usually they get reprimanded when they do.

    I had a most racist buddy (the guy who died, and might not have been a marine). He always called blacks niggers in private, but would never dream of saying it in public. My father was a raging racist til the day he died, but he never uttered the word in public that I can recall.

  4. We are of similar age John, and so I surmise our parents grew up in similar times. My mother’s father remembered the slaves on their farms as a boy. Always used the wrong terms (as he learned them from his parents) but always had the same message for us: They worded hard, were proud people, and (this will shock “Bob”) that the day they all left – the blacks and the whites came together, cried, prayed and said their good-byes.

    One black family stayed, and remained workers with my great- grandfather until he died. He deeded that mans family some 1,000 acres of prime southern farmland in his will, with my grandfather and remaining family members moving west to Nebraska.

    Guess he was a hater, eh “Bob”?

    My point being things take time. We are moving in the right direction regarding racial equality. But people are people, bound by their own weakness and learned notions. In time, these things pass away. But there are those who actively seek to keep the past alive – these people I detest, and I’m sad to say it’s more and more a community injuring itself for the gain of a few.

    Which is why I hold so-called “Black Leaders” in the same high contempt as the African Tribes selling their own for jewels, liquor and muskets. Same story, just 300+ years apart.

  5. LTB, why would a Liberal be part of the Tea Party movement, or shout abuse at someone who’s passing legislation that has Liberal support? I don’t get it.

    Thanks for the diatribe, also. I get it, you think I’m a racist. I’d reply to that if it wasn’t so cheap and laughable. Like you said, just your opinion. Like the fact that most current racism originates from blacks. That’s a killer opinion. You should head on over to that stormfront place I mentioned above, I’d wager they agree with you.

    What’s racist, LTB, is to accuse people who have been abused and oppressed and segregated and discriminated against for centuries (yes, also by other blacks, we get it) of being at fault for racial tension. It’s like smacking someone in the face every day for ten years and then complaining when they don’t invite you to their birthday party. What’s racist is to characterise all black people who don’t happen to subscribe to your political views (i.e. the majority of black people) as a bunch of freeloading criminals.

    But I forget. I’m a racist. I hate white people. Those poor downtrodden white people. What a rough deal they get, all because of their skin colour. Boo fucking hoo.

  6. Oh, Bob, your naivete is showing. Or you are being intentionally obtuse. A liberal would shout racist terms at a Tea Party gathering in order to cause decent people to dislike the Tea Party movement.

    Sheesh! Haven’t you seen the movement afoot by leftists to infiltrate the Tea Party rallies in order to make them look bad? As a recent reader of Smash Mouth I’d have thought we had taught you better than that.

  7. Yeah, because I believe everything I read on here.

    Well, let’s see. Stormfront encourage white supremacists to go to Tea Party demos, so the people shouting “nigger” at black politicians must be…

    The Leftists, conspiring to make the Tea Party movement look bad!

    It’s so obvious when you put it like that. Why didn’t I see it.

  8. LTB is right and poor Bob is wrong as usual. Par for the course.

    The “ghetto whores”, Rev. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, as well as people like Charlie Rangell and John Dingell do not do Black people any favors by perpetuating racism. Sharpton and Jackson are Extortionists of the highest order. Charlie Rangell is a law breaking tax cheat. If a White person said of Obama what The “Reverend” Jessie Jackson said and I quote,” I’d like to cut that nigger’s nuts off”, that is a racist statement. But since it was the “good Rev. who said it, what would you call that?

    Progressives and leftist liberals are practicing what is called “class warfare” by trying to pit Blacks against Whites. The biggest leftist of them all, Harry Reid now is trying to inflame the illegal Hispanic population by promising them amnesty and citizenship, knowing that the majority of Americans are against amnesty of any kind.

    This administration’s policies are predicated on creating hatred between Americans for each other based on race and economics. I’m not rich, just middle class like most Americans, but I don’t begrudge someone else’s success. They earned it and should get to reap the benefits of their success.

    I think it’s patently unfair to take from person to give to another. In a nutshell, that’s Communism/Socialism…From each according to his ability to each according to his need.

    Not in my world buddy. You need to put down Alynski and start reading something else.

  9. Lipton T. Bagg

    Better be careful MrG, you sensible ideas will be cast as racist since most of the crooks we are mentioning here happen to be black.

    Never mind we are speaking of actions, and political aspiration – and all the hideous ideologies they espouse. Someone will make it about race.

  10. Except that’s not what Jesse Jackson said. The “nigger” in that quote is entirely your own fabrication. So, in a sense, you’re the one calling Obama a nigger, Jackson never did.

    Jesus Christ dude, if you’re going to argue race relations, you could at least try to not just make shit up about stuff like that. Then you accuse people on the LEFT of trying to stir up race hatred.

  11. LTB, the fucking article’s about race. What else is it supposed to be about?

    You constantly bitch and moan about how black people are racists, then as soon as you get challenged on it, you say “Oh, it’s about RACE, now, is it?”. Get some consistency.

  12. Considering Bob, that there’s a video sound bite of Jackson saying those words, I’m not making it up as you say. For Jessie Jackson, it was one of those “Joe Biden” moments. You know…where he didn’t think he was being “filmed” or thought the microphone was turned off…one of those moments.

  13. Bob, I feel as though I am arguing with somebody who just doesn’t keep up on current events. Jesse Jackson was widely reported as calling Obama a nigger. Do some google searches before showing off your lack of knowledge.


    Sorry, have to go to a racist website to hear O’Reilly admit that Jackson did use the N word in the same hot mike.


  14. From one of the most leftist news blogs.


    “Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling n–s how to behave.” then he said “someone needs to cut his nuts off.”

    Dagnabbit, I mis-quoted him. But not by much. I just want to know Bob, if you consider that a racist statement or not.

  15. Bob is like the Knight in “The Quest For the Holy Grail”–he gets his arms and legs cut off in arguments, but he keeps thinking that he is winning. I don’t doubt his courage, it’s his wisdom and judgment that I question.

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