A Message From ‘Henry’

By Mike Donahue in onlineWSJ:  [I’m only quoting so much of it because I consider this a must read and am afraid some won’t go read it all! he said lamely]:

” I’m in the 32% federal and 10% state income tax brackets. I pay a 1.2% property tax on very expensive California real estate. I am subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. I am self-employed and subject to a 15% payroll tax on the first $100,000 in income and an 8.75% state sales tax. If I have a gain from investing, I pay a minimum of 15% federal and 10% state tax but can only write off $3,000 per year if I lose.”

“And now the government wants me to pay more?”

“As a child I mowed lawns, shoveled snow, had a paper route, sold sandwiches at school, and cut up dead trees and split them for firewood to sell during spring break. I have worked every summer since I turned 14. I took out student loans for college and worked 35 hours a week, at night, to pay for the rest.”

“Since I graduated in 1983, I have been in straight commission sales and have had many 60- to 70-hour work weeks. No secure salary, no big promotions, no pension—just me profiting though helping others while being subject to the swings of the economic cycle. The first 20 years were tough, but it’s finally starting to pay off.”

“I drive a nicer car (bought used), live in a better neighborhood, have more retirement savings than many. But I am certainly not rich, and every month I find my ever increasing bills (and taxes) tend to match my income. I have more than most only because I’ve worked harder than most and because I am a saver. It was not easy.”

“Why then does the government feel so entitled to take my money and give it to others? Why should I have to carry so many people on my back? Call me cruel. I don’t care. I give to whom I choose—but since so much is confiscated (and wasted in the process) I have little left I wish to give.”

“During the 1990 recession I could have qualified for state and federal assistance, but my wife and I managed to get by as she worked nights while we juggled our infant daughter between us. It was hard. However, it never occurred to us to take from others to subsidize our shortage. It’s not our way.”

“Life is hard. You learn when you fail and you make changes when things hurt. Why then is the liberal agenda trying to make sure nobody feels any pain? And why does the government feel so entitled to steal from many in order to give it to others. What has happened to personal responsibility and accountability?”


5 responses to “A Message From ‘Henry’

  1. And there you have it…this administration penalizing someone elses success and doling it out to people who haven’t earned it.

    Hell, the last few months, we’ve qualified for public assistance, but it isn’t our way. We just tighten our belts and do without. Funny how the governments can’t do that isn’t it.

  2. MrG, I’m liking you more and more each day…

  3. Well, don’t like me too much…you know how people like to talk. 😉

  4. Lipton T. Bagg

    Too late MrG, people already do. One of the reasons I like em so much….heh

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