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Former Sen. Mack Quits Crist Campaign

via FoxNews:

Gov. Charlie Crist’s political mentor, former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack, resigned Thursday as Crist’s campaign chairman in his race for the U.S. Senate.

Mack wrote a terse, two-paragraph letter to his one-time protege that said Crist was wrong to veto a bill (SB 6) that would have made it easier to fire teachers and tie their pay to student test scores.

“As you know, I strongly disagree with your veto,” Mack wrote his fellow Republican. “Your veto I believe undermines our education system in Florida and the principles for which I have always stood.”

Mack went on to say that Crist’s decision to veto the bill was “unsupportable and wrong.”

“As you can understand, I can no longer serve as chairman for your campaign for the United States Senate,” Mack wrote.

What is this?  Politicians with morals?  Now I’m really confused!

This is good news for Marco Rubio, and I believe it also begins the move of Crist from the GOP to become an Independent.  He’s been staking this turf for some time, and watch – it’ll happen soon.  Should get extra interesting if the GOP then courts Rubio to replace Crist, and Rubio refuses to sign on……

-LTB (So “Bob Dole” can’t blame it on John)

National Day of Prayer UNconstitutional (Geo Washington, you dumb shit, didn’t you know?)

An ignorant bitch appointed by The Second Worst President Evah (Jimma Carter–DUH) has ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. 

I can hear Jimmy C when if he makes it to heaven, trying to explain to our first Commander In Chief:  “Sorry, Mr. Washington.  I swear I didn’t know she was that dumb of a bitch when I appointed her!  I was trying to give affirmative action a chance…What’s “affirmative action”?  Oh, that’s where we pick dumbass women and blacks who aren’t smart enough to make it on their own merit…Huh? Well, you had to be there. But anyway, I know you had that National Day of Prayer in your day, but things change, the Constitution is a living document, blah blah blah…”

A Message From ‘Henry’

By Mike Donahue in onlineWSJ:  [I’m only quoting so much of it because I consider this a must read and am afraid some won’t go read it all! he said lamely]:

” I’m in the 32% federal and 10% state income tax brackets. I pay a 1.2% property tax on very expensive California real estate. I am subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. I am self-employed and subject to a 15% payroll tax on the first $100,000 in income and an 8.75% state sales tax. If I have a gain from investing, I pay a minimum of 15% federal and 10% state tax but can only write off $3,000 per year if I lose.”

“And now the government wants me to pay more?”

“As a child I mowed lawns, shoveled snow, had a paper route, sold sandwiches at school, and cut up dead trees and split them for firewood to sell during spring break. I have worked every summer since I turned 14. I took out student loans for college and worked 35 hours a week, at night, to pay for the rest.”

“Since I graduated in 1983, I have been in straight commission sales and have had many 60- to 70-hour work weeks. No secure salary, no big promotions, no pension—just me profiting though helping others while being subject to the swings of the economic cycle. The first 20 years were tough, but it’s finally starting to pay off.”

“I drive a nicer car (bought used), live in a better neighborhood, have more retirement savings than many. But I am certainly not rich, and every month I find my ever increasing bills (and taxes) tend to match my income. I have more than most only because I’ve worked harder than most and because I am a saver. It was not easy.”

“Why then does the government feel so entitled to take my money and give it to others? Why should I have to carry so many people on my back? Call me cruel. I don’t care. I give to whom I choose—but since so much is confiscated (and wasted in the process) I have little left I wish to give.”

“During the 1990 recession I could have qualified for state and federal assistance, but my wife and I managed to get by as she worked nights while we juggled our infant daughter between us. It was hard. However, it never occurred to us to take from others to subsidize our shortage. It’s not our way.”

“Life is hard. You learn when you fail and you make changes when things hurt. Why then is the liberal agenda trying to make sure nobody feels any pain? And why does the government feel so entitled to steal from many in order to give it to others. What has happened to personal responsibility and accountability?”


Mr. Obama, let me say this gently – F*CK YOU!

Really people, WTF is Obama smoking?

At the end of the recent nuclear (yawn) summit, Mr. Obama left the planet scratching its collective head with this grand non sequitur:

“It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them,” Obama said. “And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.”

The truly sad aspect of this is, in his mind, he was NOT kidding. Obama did not mean this as parody, nor a misspeak. (BTW: A non sequitur is a conversational and literary device, often used for comedic purposes. It is a comment which, due to its apparent lack of meaning relative to what it follows, seems absurd to the point of being humorous or confusing – Wikipedia).  It’s clear from the preponderance of the evidence this was not in fact a non sequitur. Mr. Obama really believes American exceptionalism a crutch; a disease; something upon which we should wring our hands and moan until we are rid of it.

What this really is?  A dadaist pronunciation.  The public pronouncement of his anti-American leanings.  His guard was let down, and his hated for all things United States has been placed on exhibit to the entire world.

Mr. Obama, let me say this gently – F*CK YOU!

Beginning today, I vow to never refer to Mr. Obama as POTUS again -except to announce his defeat and expulsion from office.  I have fought and nearly given my life for defense of that office, and I hold it in higher regard than he does.  Mr. Obama does not deserve the chair he sits in, and I vow to not disgrace it again my referencing The Office and the man (capitalization intentional) together again.

People, we need to get this guy outta Washington!

-LTB  (Signature placed to appease reader “Bob Dole”).

Mel Kiper, eleven other “experts”, 2010 NFL mock draft

From BleacherReport.  Hey, we are a full service blog.  Being a Lions fan, this is almost our Super Bowl.  We can’t field a team come September, but we sure get worked up about the draft!  My first two picks for the Lions?  Ndamukong Suh and Jahvid Best. 

Who is your team, and who do you want them to draft?

“Coming out of Cannon”

[Hope the title doesn’t get me all kinds of porno freaks.]

From Powerlineblog, A MUST read exchange between Greg Ferrell, average joe blogger, and Washington Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander.  Greg Ferrell was present at the scene where the alleged racial epitaphs were hurled at black Congressman.   At least he was there where the original lie version said that it happened.   Continue reading

Congressman Heath Shuler DENIES hearing the N-word

onlineWSJ  brings news that you won’t hear from the liberal MSM.   Just yesterday it was reported that Shuler had heard “the N-word.”  Seeeee, he heard it!  He’s a moderate Dem and not a flaming liberal! He’s got credibility!  So it must be true!   Not.  He never said it.  

The "N word"

p.s. Gawd, I feel like a two-year old using “The N-word” in any sentence.  Nigger.  Can’t  you people act like adults?  It’s not a bad word when you are describing what people supposedly called other people.  It’s the truth.  It describes what they supposedly said.  Do you say the S word when you have to take a shit?  Grow up, America.

Black men in Michigan get “hopey changey” up the arse

Some paragraphs are too delicious to paraphrase.  From TheBlogProf: 

“The nationwide jobless rate has been holding steady right around the 10% mark, except for black men. For that group, the unemployment rate went up from 17% last November to 19% now. And here in Michigan it is at 26%. More than 1 in 4.  Since last summer, the unemployment rate in liberal Utopia Detroit has been hovering around 30%. All of the above numbers of course do not count those that timed out of unemployment benefits, gave up on looking, or are underemployed. Thus begs the question: how’s that stimulus working out for all you Obama voters? The hopey changey? Make no mistake – this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. This is exactly what the misnamed stimulus boondoggle was supposed to do. Not create or save jobs, which it didn’t do, but rather to save or create government dependency, which it did. The Democrats have a vested interest in maintaining and expanding as much as possible a victim class that will continue to vote for the very people that are the cause of their misery. From The Grand Rapids Press via MLive: Unemployment climbs among black men even as nationwide jobless rates level off

Go read his entire article.   But let this sink in:  “The Democrats have a vested interest in maintaining and expanding as much as possible a victim class that will continue to vote for the very people that are the cause of their misery.”  Preach it, Brother!

It’s time to infiltrate the liberal protesters

With all this talk about democrats infiltrating the tea party in order to make them look racist, white and stupid, it got me thinking.  My first impulse is always to go on the offensive.  So why not fight back, fighting fire with fire?  Why not have normal, sane, employed hard-working decent people infiltrate the hippie anti-war, green, pervert infested and just plain strange protesters on the left?

Here is what we are up against (from Oregonlive

“Our plan is not to shut them down,” Levin told Talking Points Memo Monday, “but to infiltrate them and push them farther from the mainstream.”

Levin said his goal is to encourage the most extreme rhetoric.  If someone says President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., Levin said his infiltrators will agree and add such things as, “Yeah, in fact he wasn’t even born on earth!”

The idea, said Levin, is that, “The lower the public opinion of them goes, the less coverage they’re going to get in the mainstream media” [emphasis added].

Gee, why didn’t we think of that?  Let’s attend some of the hippie protests to lower the public opinion of them.  Let’s attend the anarchists’ protests, and the gay pride protests, and anti-war protests, and the global alarmism protests, to make them look even more extreme than they already are.  [Some NSFW below the fold.]

UPDATE I:  Those geniuses at iOwnTheWorld had a similar idea!  I especially like the “suspending all attempts at maintaining personal hygiene for two months prior to the rally…”

Gee, how can we make Code Pink look worse?

Hmmm. Did this guy infiltrate?