Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

Is Governor Chris Christie Reaganesque?

The children will be the ones to suffer from your education cuts. “The real question is, who’s for the kids, and who’s for their raises? This isn’t about the kids. Let’s dispense with that portion of the argument. Don’t let them tell you that ever again while they are reaching into your pockets.”Your policies favor the rich. “We have the worst unemployment in the region and the highest taxes in America, and that’s no coincidence.”

Why not renew the ‘millionaire’s tax’? “The top 1% of taxpayers in New Jersey pay 40% of the income tax. In addition, we’ve got a situation where that tax applies to small businesses. I’m simply not going to put my foot on the back of the neck of small business while I want them to try to grow jobs by giving more revenue to New Jersey.”

Budget cuts are unfair.
“The special interests have already begun to scream their favorite word—which, coincidentally, is my 9-year-old son’s favorite word when we are making him do something he knows is right but does not want to do—’unfair.’ . . . One state retiree, 49 years old, paid, over the course of his entire career, a total of $124,000 towards his retirement pension and health benefits. What will we pay him? $3.3 million in pension payments over his life, and nearly $500,000 for health care benefits—a total of $3.8 million on a $120,000 investment. Is that fair?”

ht Ace of Spades.  [If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was Ronaldus Maximus issuing those words…]

The corrupting influence of welfare

Welfare King and Queen have eight children,  but she wants fourteen.   He quit working because the government pays him more to sit home unemployed.  And she adds: ‘I’ve always wanted a big family – no one can tell me how many kids I can have whether I’m working or not.’ ‘It cost too much to carry on working as we were actually better off unemployed,’ said Mr Davey.

It used to be that people were too proud to accept welfare.  There used to be shame attached to those who could not find a job or provide for themselves or their family.  Now? Just a matter of fact, that is  how the system works, and everybody take as much as they can and screw all the suckers who are unfortunate enough to have jobs and have to pay for all the others sitting on their asses making babies.

That welfare is a demotivator is not rocket science, or something that has been “discovered” recently.  Paul wrote to the Thessalonians a couple thousand years ago:  “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: ‘If a man will not work, he shall not eat.'”  2 Thessalonians 3:10 (N.I.V.)