Ted Kennedy FBI file

Finally something about Fat Retard Ted that I would love to read.  His FBI file.  Course, it’s in the news because those fat drunken enablers within his family are being granted “special rights” to read it before it is released out into the public. 

Here, here and here are some of the previous instant classic articles posted about Ted Kennedy.   

And let’s not forget this perfect summation of the life of “The Lion of The Senate.”  From The WaPo:

“He was given everything he had in life,” said conservative activist Grover Norquist. “He didn’t earn anything. He is Thurston Howell III, and he has the nerve to say to people who built small businesses, restaurants and gas stations that they should have their money stolen from them” through higher taxes.

"Shut up bitch, I can drink and drive..."

One response to “Ted Kennedy FBI file

  1. It’s true, Kennedy was given everything he had in life.

    Poor old Grover Norquist was born into poverty (that’s how he was able to afford seven years at Harvard) and had to earn his way by taking rake-offs from laundering money through ATR. To be fair though, Norquist only helped steal money from American Indian casinos, he didn’t go anywhere near a restaurant or a gas station.

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