Police beat University of Maryland student

Then charge him and an accomplice of a crime.  Police never lie.  Ooops. Then they learn that a video tape of the incident caught the police in the act. 

Granted, the kid violated one of John Doe’s cardinal rules.  Never fuck with the police.  But he did not deserve the beat down.  And the cops should be fired. All of them who even saw it and allowed the perps to lie about it.

14 responses to “Police beat University of Maryland student

  1. Feh, it was only a Twerp (insert Hokie, Mountaineer, Dookie), lets hope it ruined his ability to procreate, we need all the help we can get in raising the water level in the gene pool.

  2. Unassailable logic, Ma.

    I’m not concerned about the twerp (now he’ll probably be a rich fairy instead of just a fairy). Beatings I can understand, but I don’t like cops who lie.

    Cue “The Platoon” music [and I paraphrase]: …”Now I got no problem with any man who doesn’t lie, but when he lies in court, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, WE break down. And I’m not gonna allow that, from any of you. Not one.”

  3. Ah, but there is the Catch-22, if one is so stupid as to violate the “Never Fuck With The Man” rule, does he qualify as an individual to whom “rights” should be afforded or simply as a dipshit marked for bludgeon practice.

  4. Agreed, they ought not have rights. But, to paraphrase Sgt Barnes (again), “There’s the way things are, and the way things oughta be…”

    Everything can be broken down and understood by use of some quote from “The Platoon.”

  5. Ma:

    On the west coast, the cliche is: To add chlorine to that gene pool. Ahh, it works….

    Cops are charged with a special duty – being the most morally upstanding members of any given community. I know that’s not always the truth, but there’s truth there. When they falsify to cover (read: Rodney King, et al.) they become worse than the perps, IMHO.

    if that’s the case here, seeing a dirty cop go behind bars will be a good thing. There is no worse place for one to be.


  6. Hey, at least I agree with you in principle. Those cops all need to go to jail.

    Not quite sure how you got from that to calling the victim a “fairy” and implying it should have been legal to beat him, though.

  7. Dint you see him hop, skip and jump up to the horse and the cop? Good grief, if I acted like that in court a judge would put me in jail, and rightfully so.

  8. “Good grief, if I acted like that in court a judge would put me in jail, and rightfully so.”

    Thanks a lot…now I got this image in my head and it won’t leave.

  9. Wasn’t in court though, was he. He was in the street. Last I heard, dancing around in front of a cop wasn’t illegal. Either way, even if you did do that in a court I doubt the judge would have you beaten up.

  10. And I’m still unclear as to why you think he was a homosexual, and if so why you think that should entitle cops to beat him up.

  11. Him being a fairy is an irrelevant detail. Him being STUPID and violating a cardinal rule “Don’t fuck with the Man” makes me feel zero sympathy for him. Sorta like that lady who climbed into the Polar Bears’ portion at the zoo. What did he expect to happen?

  12. I’m gonna guess that he didn’t expect to be beaten to the ground with sticks. Cops aren’t wild animals, they’re trained security personnel, and they’re not entitled to assault civilians, even if said civilians are – gasp – dancing.

    Him being gay might be an irrelevant detail, but you brought it up, and you claimed that it should disqualify him from having rights, and I’m curious as to why you think that.

  13. This shit with rabid cops has to end, and the “People”, need to take back their streets.

    First it’s cops in Washington D.C. beating up snowball throwers having a little fun. Now you get the shit beat out of you for skipping down the street and being a little happy.

    These ARE NOT isolated incidents like the cops want you to believe. They are happening all over the country in every state.

    Tasering of 70 year old women and men, beating and tasering of teen kids, beating skateboarders. These chicken shit cops are nothing more than bullies.

    The Feds need to stop prancing around the issue and start enforcing violations of the citizens civil rights by these Storm Trooper tactics of rogue cops.

    The victims of these assaults need to sue these cities for harboring these fugitive cops, and also sue them into oblivion in civil courts.

  14. Are you sure the Feds *want* to stop dancing around? Are you sure the Feds want to stop the indiscriminate tazzing of citizens for no apparent reason except that they can? Aren’t these incidents happening in primarily liberal districts? I don’t know. Color me a conspiracy nut.

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