Andy Stern, SEIU Head Communist, Resigns

Care of Hot Air

The President of an SEIU local based in Seattle, Diane Sosne, broke the news to her staffers at 11:35 this morning, local time.

“Last night I received confirmation that Andy Stern is resigning as President of SEIU. He has not yet made a public announcement; we will share the details as we become aware of them,” Sosne wrote in an email obtained by POLITICO. 

Sosne offered no explanation for the move.

Perspective:  I have first hand knowledge of SEIU, having worked with them at one of the largest health care companies in the U.S.  There is another shoe waiting to drop, and don’t be suprised to see a federal appointment (Court?) of some sort following on the heels of this announcement.

Another “O”gasm waiting to happen – you can bet on it…

3 responses to “Andy Stern, SEIU Head Communist, Resigns

  1. He sucks anyway. Stern needs to be in jail a.s.a.p.

  2. I said the same thing on FB…just waiting ont he Cheater in Command to appoint this ignorant ass to a post or maybe give him a Czar title that NO ONE can do anything about…what an ass !

  3. I was thinking more along the lines of him becoming the Hermann Goering to Obama’s Adolph Hitler act. We can only pray it will only be some low-level judgship…

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