Your Virginia Tax Dollars at work

Our DMV employs people to sit on their asses trying to outwit  citizens’ requests for personalized license plates. 

From the Virginia Pilot

“On the second Tuesday of every month, 20 perfectly nice people sit around a table and think dirty. Their mission: to outwit the commonwealth’s cleverest foul minds. Meet “the Word Committee” – employees of the Department of Motor Vehicles, guardians of good taste in personalized plates.”

Sometimes they fail…

hope a hot chick owned this car...

5 responses to “Your Virginia Tax Dollars at work

  1. I tried to get a Support Our Troops plate with the combination reading “DamRite” and they refused it…COMMIES !

  2. Frank, check your email.

  3. Despite yer, swarthy, rugged, youthful appearances, gentlemen; and I use that last word, very loosely…yer really just a damn bunch of dirty olde men</em…like me…


  4. I resemble that remark

  5. Coming from Gramps, I consider that a badge of honor…

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