Throw shoes at Obama!

Win valuable prizes.  They said that if I did not vote for Obama the Muslim fanatics would continue to hate us.  They were right. 

Death to Amelica!

Not quite sure what to root for here, that the sub-human cretins  hit pictures of “The Won,” or that the practitioners of the “religion of peace” throw their arms out of socket as they throw like girls at a picture of B. Hussein Obama.  How about both?

3 responses to “Throw shoes at Obama!

  1. How about you stop desperately trying to imply that the President’s middle name being Hussein actually means anything significant. It’s childish, and it’s getting a little boring.

  2. Hahaha! The bowing and scraping he does to all the world leaders (our enemies, not our friends) is directly learned at those Madrasas in Indonesia that he attended. He’s a fucking Musleeem and you know it.

  3. You can keep saying it, John, it won’t make it any truer.

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