Federal Government thugs caught on tape

Some obscure group lawfully standing on public side-walk in front of federal courthouse causes great consternation to federal marshalls and/or guards.  Hilarity ensues

One federal employee walked up to the videographer and got in the cameraman’s face and said if the cameraman  got any closer the federal employee would jam the camera down his throat.  If he said that while the tape was recording, how would he act if it was not there???  Bonus question: Does that employee still have his job, and if so, why?

2 responses to “Federal Government thugs caught on tape

  1. Really hard to watch and listen to that video. I don’t know if it was the buffering or what, but it kept going backwards and forwards and was rather scratchy.

    But I got the gist of it. Some idiot with a tin badge and his superior sense of self importance thought he could just trample a person’s right of peaceful assembly and free speech.

  2. Check out my article regarding Las Vegas union pressure (reportedly) being brought to bear. The trickery continues…

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