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Via Politico,  On Bart Stupidpak’s decision not to run for re-election:  “After selling his soul to Nancy Pelosi, it appears that Bart Stupak finally found the courage to tell her no [she asked him to run for for re-electon],” said National Republican Congressional Committee communications director Ken Spain. “The political fallout over the Democrats’ government takeover of healthcare has put the political careers of many Democrats in jeopardy thanks in-part to Stupak’s decision to abandon his alleged pro-life principles.”

10 responses to “Quote of the day

  1. #1.. The government did not TAKE OVER the Health Care! #2..Stupak can not change the ABORTION LAW though a health care REFORM law (it’s been the LAW for 40 years!) Stupak is pro-life & always will BE! #3..this little bitty “Health Reform”allows a person to have a choice..you can stay w/your own health care ..& continue w/higher premiums!..or you can switch to the “REFORM”..if you so desire.#4..the insurance companies,are now unable to KICK you off for a pre-existing condition!You will not lose your health care if you lose your JOB!How many times does the President have to repeat this to you …are you all deaf?..what is it that you don’t understand?This health reform is not FREE!We will all have to “give” a little bit more to save our “sick” americans…what’a s-o-o-o terrible about That?After all,we “GIVE” $$$ to many countries to help their people!And NOW it’s about time we all stick together for our people in our own country….AMEN!

  2. Not so Sweet Lady…The HCR is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. What part of that don’t YOU understand? Why do you think the majority of Americans are against it? Why do you think some of your Democratic representatives are against it? Are you so in love with Obama-lama-ding-dong’s policies that you would welcome his vision of a “socialist utopia”? Most Americans are against that vision, too.

    And how do you feel about H.R. 45…or how about H.R. 2159? Are you for the usurpation of our second amendment rights? We already have too many egregious gun laws in this country.

    And how about the backdoor attempt by the FCC and BHO to regulate and tax,(take over), the internet. How do you feel about that? I suppose you think it’s a “good thing”?

    Oh…and what do you think about the so called “fairness doctrine”?

    I could go on, but I don’t want to your liberal brain to overload.

  3. SL said..”This health reform is not FREE!We will all have to “give” a little bit more to save our “sick” americans…what’a s-o-o-o terrible about That?”

    Give a little bit more???…Are you outta your freakin’ mind? YOU can give a “little bit more”, me, I’ll give how much I want to whomever I want! I don’t need some government wienie telling me how much to give…it’s none of their damn business.

    I do agree with you that we give too much $$ to other countries with no or very little accountability and that needs to stop. The thing is, Americans are the most generous people in the world. But we like to pick who we give to and how much.

  4. The HCR is constitutional..it’s the LAW..& it will be here forever,we do need the public option,which will happen….you have the right to leave this country if you do not like it!..AND, YES<"I think it is a good thing"..I do agree w/everything that Pres.Obama has done..he's doing everything he said he would do if elected.(p.s.I voted for him..in case you didn't get my drift)Another thing,Obama will be one of our better president EVER! And he will be re-elected
    So,how about those apples??Obama is a centralist..not a socialist.
    I guess you like paying those high insurance premiums..the Ins.Co.are ripping you off & you apparently love it!
    The American people & the Dems want the HCR ..infact, they wanted to go way further..w/the public option! …By the way, 67 per cent of the people voted for Obama..they voted for everything he was running for..but because he hasn't accomplished every little thing YET..the american people are spoiled,they want ALL the problems solved TODAY..like NOW! Obama has been in office only 14 months..please give him a break!..he's got 3 more years to go …then,you can really judge him & tear him a part..that I am sure you will all enjoy!

  5. Not so Sweet Lady says;

    “you have the right to leave this country if you do not like it!.”

    The leftist liberals answer for anyone who doesn’t agree with their socialist mantra.

    If you like Socialist policies so much, why don’t you move to Canada or Europe. I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms.

    In case you haven’t been paying attention, YOUR president’s approval ratings are down to around 42%. That’s a far cry from his initial rating of 60+% a few months ago. A lot of the folks who voted for the hope and change are now sorely disappointed in their choice. The package was so shiny and new, but when they opened it up, they found out the product was CRAP!

    If Obama-lama-ding-dong was such a “centrist”, he would have listened to the American people and Quashed the HCR.

    I don’t know what kind of education you had as a kid, but obviously it was sub-standard.

    And yes, It, the HCR, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. We have a lot of unconstitutional laws in this country. Some of them have been in existance for decades. That doesn’t make ’em right. People are finally fed up with it and are finally speaking out and it’s about time.

    The public option…oh jeez!!!…where do I start. We already have a public option. It’s called Medicaid and it’s financially untenable as we “speak”. YOUR president wants to expand it to cover more people and make it your public option. In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmacies will no longer accept medicaid. That’s because it doesn’t pay a fair market value for the services provided. Granted, some hospitals and doctors charge eggregious fees, but it is patently unfair to ask them to work for “minimum wage”. I’m quite sure that YOU wouldn’t work for minimum wage, so how can you expect someone who has several hundred thousand dollars invested in their education to do the same? Me personally, I’d pick shit with the chickens if it paid. Guess that’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative. Liberals expect and want the “state” to take care of them from cradle to grave and conservatives know that to be successful, you have to EARN it.

  6. H-e-l-l-o..I am not a liberal.Iam not a democrat.I am an open minded American!As far as Europe(I lived in germany for 3 years) & Canada, they both have health care for all..did you forget this little detail?And, I have worked for minimum rage.Obama ran on reforming HC. Yes,Obama’s ratings are down..so wasn’t Reagan
    in his first year.Big deal! If it wasn’t for Soc.Sec.& medicare,the elderly would be living & dying in the streets.Can you imagine seeing this in a country so rich as ours? I guess you would like to bring back the “POOR HOUSE”,like in the 1800’s-1900’s.And,if the politicians hadn’t stolen from Soc.Sec,we’d have plenty of money for S.S,& medicare.There is much fraud w/doctors,hospitals & medicare.Obama’s in the process of investigating into this fraud.
    We spend 50 billion dollars per year on the uninsured in this country ..& 40,000 die annually because of the lack of care.We will all benefit financiallyby getting rid of this waste & fraud & people will have better HC.
    “YOU” say that HCR is unconstitutional..this does not make it true..just because it’s your opinion!..And, just because you disagree w/me does not make my education”Substandard”.I have “earned” my education & worked for everything I have ,thank you!
    That’s the problem w/conservsatives,they love to attack..instead of facing the real issues.

  7. Well, I also lived in Germany for a few years serving my/our country. Yes Canada and most European countries have “free” health care. Just remember, you get what you pay for. It’s common knowledge that people with life threatening diseases often have to wait months for treatment, some dying while waiting for their needed operation. Why do you think so many of those who can afford it, come to this country? You don’t see their politicians using their own health care, they come here. If that “free” health care is so good, then why don’t they use it!

    And our own HCR has so many loopholes in it for our politicians, it’s not the least bit funny. Us taxpayers pay 75% of the congress critter’s cadillac health care premiums. How about WE get their plan and the government pays 75% of OUR premiums?

    The HCR is unconstitutional. The fed is mandating that you HAVE TO buy health insurance or else pay a fine. To give you an analogy…How would you feel if the government mandated that you had to only buy an appliance from one certain company,( just for the sake of argument, GE.), or else pay a fine. Wouldn’t that just tickle your funny bone?

    Oh…and the IRS is going to enforce the HCR. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Unfortunately, unlike our judicial system where you’re presumed innocent until proven guilty, with the IRS, it’s the other way around.

    If I offended you by calling you a leftist, I offer my apologies, but you’re still wrong on the HCR.

  8. The health care in other countries is not “free”..everyone contributes to the cost.People do come here from other countries,as our citizens go to other countries for open heart surgery & etc. because the costs are much cheaper( includes traveling costs)In our country,we spend more for medical care than the all other countries…& we do not cover all of our citizens..WOW!We rate 38th on the list for the best HC in the world.
    I wrote Washington & I told them I want the same health care that they have.. & that “we the people” pay for!
    The only way health care,for all ,works..is for all to pay.Just like auto,house Ins.& etc.The feds aren’t making you buy a “product”..that depreciates after time.Health care is not a”tangible object”, It’s a service that you invest in, that will be accessible to you in the future..when needed.I hardly use my health care, but if & when I need this care,it will be there..like when you invest your money in the bank,you withdraw your money when you want to ..the bank can not just dump you & refuse to give you your money..that’s robbery!The Ins.Co.’s rob you every day by dumping you when they decide not to give you a service that you paid for ..like,for 25 years or more!
    The HCR, again:Fed law supersedes the state law for the “commonwealth of the people!” Congress
    clearly has the power through the Commerse Clause & it’s taxing powers to mandate the type of requirements set forth in the current HCR bill.

  9. Yes, people in other countries contribute, in the way of excessively high taxes. That’s where we’re headed now if this thing stands. And that promise not to tax anyone making under 250K…that’s a BS lie to go along with all the other BS lies this administration has made. They’re talking about a VAT now…that’s a coward’s tax that’s added into the price of goods and services that you don’t see, then you get state sales tax added to that. We already pay too much in taxes now and don’t get a damn thing for it. If you want to enlarge YOUR tax burden, YOU go right ahead. Me, I’ll take my chances with the free market system.

    And I gotta tell you, the Congress is the reason the insurance companies got to where they are today. Back in the day, insurance was simple…you paid the premium and when you needed it, it was there. Then lobbyists got involved and started making all those backroom deals with politicians holding their hands out.

    Another thing…Have you heard any insurance companies complaining about the raking over the coals they got from congress?…of course not, because they know that they’re still going to make money, but now their profit margins just might be higher than they were before. They’re not going to stay in business if they can’t make a profit…would you?

  10. Dear MrG..(Goodbar?) Anyways,Sir,I have paid plenty of $ for the G..D….taxes & I don’t like it!But..I can not complain because I travel on roads,I have police & fire protection,I pay for a military that protects us..I feel safe walking the streets of America,..I do not carry a gun!But, I could if I desire to.We can form a militia,we have freedom of speech..& call our President unthinkable names!I have always been FREE to do exactly what I want to ..nobody has ever harassed me or invaded my privacy..America is the land of the free..but,it really isn’t free any more ..times have change … time marches on!
    The loybbyist is a whole other issue..right?Obama,if you give him the time,will try to eliminate that mess!
    The Ins.Co will always survive..actually,they could all retire for all the profits that they have made..”Billions” …w/a capitol “B”.I do not feel sorry for them.
    Finally ,yo & our rich buddies that make over 250k will be paying taxes..after 8 years of not paying taxes!What do we have to do?..wait for you rich people to fill your pants up w/money.. & then,wait til your pants fall down to collect your tax money?..just asking?
    I have a wonderful life ,here, in American..I would not leave it for any other country..ever!
    And,it is worth the money to live here ..& that is why people sneek “illegally” into America.I don’t see Americans seeking OUT!America has it’s problems,,it is not perfect..but,we will always come together as one nation .Thank GOD we are here!

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