Confederate History Month: Ultimate Update

Doug Ross has perhaps the ultimate rejoinder to Democrats who are fussing at Virginia’s Confederate History Month Proclamation.  Never let the Democrats get away with lying about their history.

A sample:

• “From 1868 through 1948, twenty (20) Democrat Party platforms supported outright segregation or purposefully omitted equal rights for the races.

• For 52 years in a row, Democrats supported “Jim Crow laws”, that segregated public schools, public transportation, restaurants, rest rooms and public places such as water coolers and beaches. Rosa Parks became famous because she dared to set in the “whites only” section of a bus, which was the creation of Democrats.”


4 responses to “Confederate History Month: Ultimate Update

  1. I thought we’d agreed “Confederate History Month” was not about slavery/racism ?

    If it’s about political stances: might be worth pointing out that when the choice for secession was made, those who were AGAINST it were the “conservatives”…

    Tell you something ?

    Best, Steve

  2. Well, of course, what is worth “conserving” depends upon each issue. I’m a radical on some issues, liberal on others, libertarian on still other issues. What I’m not is a conservative merely for the sake of being a conservative. Nor am I a partisan Republican. Usually, I’m just correct. 😉

  3. Hi, JD:

    Point taken. Nobody’s a cardboard cut-out of a “conservative” or “liberal” (terms themselves relative to changing political fashions).

    From previous discussion, I take it you consider limited government your personal core “conservative” principle…(even when the current political yardstick reads that as something else) ?

    As to your other point, I’d agree entirely: you ARE almost always correct ! LOL.

    Best, Steve

  4. Strom Thurmond. Trent Lott. David Duke. Rush Limbaugh. If we’re going to remind people that Democrats have racists in their distant past, I think it’s only fair that we remind people that Conservatives have racists in their recent past. For the sake of balance, natch.

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