Barack Obama is disposable

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24 responses to “Barack Obama is disposable

  1. John Doe is an azzhole…!

  2. Haha. You got that right.

  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    Gramps must have forgotten his Metamucil this morning…

    And for Obama’s book, $1.99 is STILL TOO MUCH!

  4. Lipton…
    Yeh spell it like this…tea bagger.

  5. OK, insult me all you want, AIDSbreath, but you aren’t welcome here to insult the Tea Party or Tea Partiers.

  6. YOWSER…zounds like the ban hammer fer me…?

  7. Lipton T. Bagg // April 7, 2010 at 10:41 am | Reply

    L.T.B.~ I was referring to you.

  8. Gramps, yer welcome here. Just lay off the insults. We’ll listen to your reasons, convince us we are wrong. If I wanted a circle-jerk, I’d ban all dissenting views. But I rather enjoy hearing alternative points of view. I’m sure you have much to offer.

  9. Lipton T. Bagg

    Actually Gramps, it’s “T. Bagg-her”, at least according to Ms. T. Bagg.

    I’m a big boy, and can take a shot. I’d prefer a point of view that has some rational thought attached – even if I disagree – but that’s just me.

    If you got that in your arsenal, bring it on.


  10. Lipton T. Bagg

    And Gramps, one more thing – I am proud to be associated with the Tea Party movement. This is a group of individuals proud of their country, striving to better it by resetting the country toward what the Founding Fathers envisioned America to be. Striving to reestablish the Constitution as the unwavering road map guiding our 3 separate branches of government. Unified in its goal support the Bill of Rights – including government closest to the people. Damn proud, thank you.

    My question Gramps, is why aren’t you?

  11. Gramps is too chicken shit to even use a traceable name. What the hell are ya hiding for or are you Jeremy or Lowell (which wouldn’t surprise me) or just another Democrap who was too stupid not to vote for Obammie…or maybe he is just ashamed of his own heritage to admit it….which is it?

    • Dear Frank,

      I’m neither, a chicken shit or a chicken hawk, Sir…!

      I served five missions in Vietnam from 1962 to 1967, fighting for the freedom and all who wish to be free. Even though we lost that war; the enlightened socialist leadership of present day Vietnam has encouraged foreign investment and entrepreneurship. Considering the terrible losses we and they suffered, I’m most grateful for their present day success.

      I’ve blogged for almost ten years using my given names; during the last year [I wonder why things changed] I made the decision to use an anonymous handle due to the inconvenience to other members of my close family with the same unique surname.

      So there yeh go Frank, hope that gets the <foggy dew in yer mind cleared up or cleaned out…?

      Best regards…

  12. Lipton T. Bagg

    Gee Frank, don’t hold back! Tell us how ya really feel!!!

    Of course, I totally agree……

  13. Five missions? I’m a little skeptical. Not calling you a liar, sir, just skeptical. Did you mean five “tours of duty?” I’ve never heard it described as “five missions” unless you are flying missions as a pilot. I’d be curious as to when and where, hell, I’d even do a feature on you, anonymously.

    And I’m curious, why would somebody so involved in the war not be bitter when the democrats cut off all funding to our allies and allowed them to be overrun by Soviet funded commie troops? I’m more inclined to believe that you were a hippie during the war, and are just making shit up now. But I hope I am wrong…

  14. Oh, and by the way, we didn’t “lose” the war. Our troops did not lose, our country lost the will to fight.

  15. Lipton T. Bagg


    Ms. T. Bagg just read Gramps’ comment. Not to go into great detail, but Ms. T. Bagg and her family were driven from Vietnam, with little but the clothes on their back, on a boat by the “enlightened socialist leadership” of Vietnam. And while she’s happy for the modern success of the country, she has a unique perspective on their so-called “enlightenment”.

    And Gramps, she thinks you’re full of shit, too. Smart woman she is…

  16. Yeah, liberals just HATE conservatives with good memories about how it really was…

  17. John Doe // April 7, 2010 at 6:07 pm ~~ Five missions? I’m a little skeptical. Not calling you a liar, sir, just skeptical. Did you mean five “tours of duty?” I’ve never heard it described as “five missions” unless you are flying missions as a pilot. I’d be curious as to when and where, hell, I’d even do a feature on you, anonymously.

    My apologies, John…

    I should have referred to them as five TDY deployments to Vietnam with the US Army, Special Forces…A213, A232, A234, PD2 and others…you can look those designators up John… if you’re so inclined. They’re part of the public record today.

    Thanks for your service, John!
    BTW: You’re the third producer/director that’s suggested a similar scenario.

    Gramps sends, best regards…

  18. I never said I served. Nam was over before I was of age. I make no apologies for not serving, and I don’t take any shit from those who did. Doesn’t make them better than me. And I don’t back down from axing questions. I’ll look up those designations. Sorry, I’ve seen too many frauds in my lifetime. I’ll look into what you wrote, and we’ll see…

  19. I gonna make it easy fer yeh…!

    Major James M MacFarlane, United States Army, Avn, (ret)…The good Major didn’t serve for the same, very, lengthy period of time [four years… with SF, A-Teams] on the ground in VN, that I did….and he is incorrect in his assumptions.

    Please take the time to review my comments with respect to…

    General Giap’s two post-war publications (Vo Nguyen Giap, Unforgettable Months And Years, Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1975 or How We Won the War (coauthored by Van Tien Dung) RECON Publications, 1976).

    Historical perspective is always enlightening.

    He [MacFarland] mostly had three hots and a cot in barracks and cold beer on landing; while I spent all my time in the jungle with the indigenous Montagnards. Hopped down to Saigon [now, Ho Chi Minh City] two or three time during a deployment for a little R&R and pick up money to pay our troops.

    I also served with his merry band of civilian, aviators, in Laos and Thailand…!

  20. I return to my original question, paraphrased. IF you spent all that time fighting in Nam, how can you even seem to agree with the Democraps? They are the party of the hippies who spat on troops returning from Nam. They are the ones who who caused us to give up, and once US troops were gone, they are the ones who pulled all financial and equipment support and let the communist supplied NVC win.

  21. I remember getting down and kissing the tarmac on disembarking from the 707. The stewardess came running over to assist me, she thought I had collapsed. I asked her if she would show me a nice place to have dinner. She squeezed my hand, bussed my left cheek and said she had a connecting flight to Chicago, she was really pretty!

    That was in 1967, in San Francisco; no one attempted to spit on me, but then I was a rather imposing, physical, presence, at six-two and 220 pounds, with a 32 inch waist.
    With my green beret and bloused, spit shined, jump boots… I was no hippie, John.

    Like John Kerry, not then, but today… I am a proud member of Vietnam Veterans against the War, [VVAW]… Also an honorary member of, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. [IAVA]…

    Never goin’ do, no war, no more… John.

  22. Well, if even partially true, you’ve earned the right to believe anything you want. If you worked with the Montagnards, then you should have been apalled when we left them high and dry to be slaughered. Ain’t gonna make war no more is just rhetoric and easy to say when you escape back home and leave people behind to be raped and slaughtered…

  23. The high profile Hmong leaders in Laos and the Montagnards from both countries were provided special dispensation…many of the wartime leaders of the Hmong’s reside in western Wisconsin, today.

    The average indigenous warrior Joe, Montagnard, soldat, like me… could slip, in out of his tiger stripes and back into his olde loin cloth in less than a minute…

    Unless you actually served…yeh wouldn’t have a clue, concerning those details…John…

    We were very cool, very quick and very deadly…

    H&K’s, mother…!

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